Container Ship Crewman Gets 20 Years for Fatal Stabbing

On Monday, a crewmember was given a 20-year federal prison term for stabbing to death his supervisor on a cargo ship bound for Los Angeles.

The Philippine national Michael Dequito Monegro, 44, was given his punishment by a Los Angeles federal judge.

In May, he entered a guilty plea to the charge of engaging in violent conduct against another person on board a vessel in such a way as to risk the ship’s safe navigation.

During Its Two-Week Voyage from Shanghai to Los Angeles

According to his plea bargain, Monegro stabbed the guy while working aboard the MSC Ravenna. It was during its two-week voyage from Shanghai to Los Angeles in September 2020. The ship was approximately 92 miles (150 kilometres) off the coast of Southern California.

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Prosecutors claim that Monegro assaulted his supervisor in a corridor near the locker room.

Two males tussled and eventually collapsed on the floor. Prosecutors claim that Monegro threw a garbage can at his victim and then jumped on top of him before stabbing him and then pulling out a second knife from his supervisor’s coveralls and attacking him with both knives.

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The U.S. attorney’s office said in a statement on Monday that Monegro stabbed the victim 31 times.

“Only after he was too fatigued to continue stabbing the victim did Montenegro finally stop,”  the report said.

The ship’s captain, first officer, and chief engineer all came, and the captain eventually convinced Monegro to let the victim off the ship.

When the ship arrived in Los Angeles a week later, Monegro was detained in his stateroom and taken into custody.

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The attack’s motivation has not been revealed by authorities. In court documents, the victim is only referred to by her initials, “M.S.”; he abandoned his wife and their 17-year-old daughter.

In a brief for sentencing, the prosecutors said that since he was the only breadwinner, his death put a lot of financial stress on the family.

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