China Tightens COVID Preventive Measures as Winter Olympic Nears

As China recorded its largest Covid-19 infection numbers in 21 months, the city of Xi’an, where 13 million citizens are currently trapped at home, tightened restrictions on Sunday.

According to Yahoo, China continues to adhere to the “zero-Covid” strategy, which entails tight restrictions at borders, prolonged quarantines, and targeted lockdowns.

Recently, authorities have been paying close attention to preventing an outbreak before the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, sporadic cases have continued to occur.

However, the number of Covid infections rose to 206 on Sunday, the highest daily figure since March 2020.

“In the coming days, a number of cases are still likely to be detected,” He Wenquan, the city’s office of health, urged.

155 new Covid patients were reported in the northern metropolis on Sunday, bringing the total over the past few weeks to almost 500.

He said that about 29,000 people were quarantined in hotels.

“Total” disinfection was to begin Sunday night in Xi’an, authorities said. Meanwhile, residents have been tested several times.

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There has also been a tightening of movement restrictions.

Under the new rules, only one member of each household can shop for basic needs once every three days.

Businesses such as Mechanics, pharmacies, and convenience stores are the only enterprises that are exempt from closing.

Since late 2019, China has largely managed to contain the spread of the coronavirus since it first emerged in Wuhan.

In a year period now, the country has only recorded two deaths.

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