Cherokee District Attorney Announces Decades of Sentence Against Former Atlanta Police Officer for Rape Case

Earlier this week, District Attorney Shannon Wallace of Cherokee County announced that on November 30, a former Atlanta police officer would be sentenced there on rape charges.

Wallace also stated that 33-year-old Lionel Joseph Dely of Marietta was arrested on suspicion of perjury by a public servant. According to Wallace, he was found guilty on October 21 and sentenced to 50 years in jail, followed by life on probation.

On January 31, Wallace said, a lady in Acworth accused Dely of sexually abusing her at her home massage business, prompting an inquiry against Dely that began in February. According to Wallace, the masseuse claimed Dely was a new customer who flashed his badge midway during the service and claimed he was investigating.

Dely bullied and threatened the victim

According to a statement released by Wallace’s office, “Because Dely bullied and threatened the victim using his badge, she feared punishment.” Three days after the attack, the woman was convinced to report it by a friend, and on February 11, Wallace said, Dely was detained after an inquiry.

According to Wallace, prosecutors have located three additional victims outside the Cherokee County area who allege Dely sexually abused them. Since those offenses occurred outside of Cherokee County’s jurisdiction, prosecutors could not press charges against Dely, although the victims testified in Dely’s trial there, according to Wallace.

According to Wallace, the trial lasted five days, and the jury deliberated for about an hour. Thirteen state witnesses testified. Wallace stated that all twelve jurors agreed that Dely was guilty of rape and perjury.

The defendant’s behavior, in this case, was deliberate and malicious. The Special Victims Unit’s Chief Assistant DA Katie Gropper said in a press statement, “He exploited his law enforcement badge, a symbol of protection and safety, to abuse and assaulted several women without being caught.

Dely is a seial rapist and exploited his law enforcement badge

This serial rapist in Cherokee County thought he was immune to the law until one brave woman spoke out against him. Superior Court Judge Tony Baker handed down Dely’s rape sentence: 45 years in prison, followed by lifetime probation with sex offender restrictions, $1,100 in reparations, no contact with any of the victims, and a waiver of the Fourth Amendment.

According to Wallace, he received 50 years to serve in prison due to the oath breach and an additional five years to run concurrently. Officers are held to a higher standard because of their position in society, but they are still bound by the same rules that govern everyone else.

When a police officer betrays the public’s confidence by breaking the oath he took to uphold it, that person must face the consequences. “In the announcement, Wallace stated. “Lionel Dely betrayed our confidence. He has exhibited no remorse for his savage assaults on these ladies or misuse of his badge.

We in Cherokee County are listening to the victims in this case. You are still in our thoughts. It’s not like you don’t exist. With this verdict, we pray you’ll put your faith back in law enforcement and the court system after having it abused by this defendant.


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