Black Clover Season 5 Possible Release Date, Is It Coming Out In 2022?

Many of our curiosities about Black Clover, including where Asta gets her powers, were resolved in the fourth season. The question remains: who is the devil that resides inside Asta? …and shed light on numerous matters not related to the Clover Kingdom.

It also raised a lot of new issues that, fingers crossed, will be addressed in the next season. Therefore, many are counting down the days till the Season 5 premiere of Black Clover.

In terms of quality and readership, Black Clover ranks high among shonen. Some people’s lack of familiarity with the film or book is surprising.

We won’t reveal any major narrative points, so even if you simply watch the anime, you can rest certain that you won’t be spoiled. Read on to find out all that has been revealed about Black Clover season 5.

Why Was Black Clover Anime Cancelled?

The primary reason the Black Clover anime was cancelled was a dearth of original source material. Eventually, the anime episodes would have caught up to the manga chapters, and there would have been nothing left to adapt.

Episode 272 of the anime series Black Clover is based on the manga. There have been 333 chapters of the manga series released, so the anime would need more than just the 60 chapters that have been adapted so far.

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Black Clover Animation Problem

Many viewers feel that the recent history of anime has seen a steady deterioration in production values. This has happened often, and it’s really frustrating when it happens during a decisive battle.

Time constraints prevented Black Clover’s animators from making necessary improvements to the episode’s quality.

Studio Pierrot has a tight timetable due to the weekly release schedule of the anime series, leaving little time for the animators to create high-quality animation. The similar issue has affected the Boruto series.

The group behind Black Clover may have felt there was a need for quality improvement before publishing new episodes.

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What Happened In Season 4?

Season 4 of Black Clover brought back all the positive feelings we had for this anime. It united a large fan base and sparked lively debate with each new episode.

We saw Liebe and Lichita’s lovely exchanges with one another. While Lichita is Asta’s biological mother, Liebe is the demon residing inside her. She gave her life to shield Liebe, whom she adopted and raised as a son but who always referred to her by her given name.

At the very end of Lichita, Liebe addresses her as “mother.” In sum, one might say that we shed a lot of tears throughout this season.

The Dark Triad, who were pure evil, were also introduced, and a major cliffhanger was also left. Let’s not spend any time and go right into the specifics of Black Clover Season 5 by discussing all the narrative lines, which would turn this into a discussion thread.

Is Black Clover Season 5 Confirmed?

Since we still can’t say for sure whether there will be a Season 5 (unlike with other programmes), this is crucial information. Shueisha or Studio Pierrot have not confirmed Black Clover Season 5 as of yet.

The manga will go on pause for three months so that Black Clover writer Yuki Tabata may write the series’ concluding arc, as was originally promised. They are making quality their number one priority.

That break caused a three-month drought in new chapters; Chapter 332 didn’t appear until August 1st. It seems natural that we haven’t heard anything about season 5 of the anime, given how dependent it is on its source material (the manga).

Not only that, but the animators have the added burden of working on a movie adaptation. It’s nice that they’re taking their time to make sure everything turns out well.

We’re getting close to the end of the story, so perhaps we’ll hear something about the anime’s future once the movie comes out.

When Can We Expect Season 5?

As of right now, all we can do is speculate based on the little data at hand. It seems that this will take some time, and at this point, our best bet is to wait for an announcement until after the film has been released.

The Black Clover anime has been placed on hold as the author works on polishing the story’s conclusion.

Even while it is not technically on hiatus, the scenario is not unlike one. The announcement may be made later in 2023, when the film is scheduled for release. After that, it’s expected to hit shelves in the middle of 2024.

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Official Updates on the Movie

A few months ago, we also got a teaser for the Black Clover movie. The anime’s official website says that the movie will come out in 2023.

We don’t know whether the movie will be an original anime plot or if it will adapt the impending Spaid Kingdom Raid Arc from the manga. As the movie jumps forward in time, it’s safe to assume that it will be an original anime film. The reason for this is that in the preview, Asta’s arm is not tainted.

In season 4, he fought Dante and suffered arm corruption. In this scene, though, his arm is in fine shape, and thus the film would be used to fill in the blanks in the anime.

Will We Get Black Clover Season 5 After the Movie?


We have to wait for the movie to come out since there have been no updates on the release date for Black Clover season 5. There is just one more arc left in the manga, so the anime will most likely arrive when the manga ends.

Black Clover has staff problems, which we’ve already discussed. If the manga and the film are well received, Studio Pierrot will likely pour even more resources into the next season.

Black Clover Season 5 Release Date

black clover season 5 release date

There has been no official word, but 2024 seems to be a safe bet for the premiere of Black Clover Season 5. The premiere of the film should be followed by an announcement of when Season 5 of Black Clover will be available to watch online.

Since the film is scheduled for release in 2023 and the manga is expected to be almost finished by that time, we can safely assume that it will be the summer or autumn of 2024.

In fact, Black Clover might end soon, making this the perfect time to announce a whole new season or the series’s unbroken continuation.

Studio Pierrot is also producing Boruto, so if they take on too much, the quality of both animes might suffer.

Source Material, Profitability, and Popularity are the three big things that determine whether or not an anime show gets renewed for another season. Let’s go deeply into each of these aspects and assess the likelihood of a fifth season of Black Clover.

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Black Clover Season 5 Source Material

The Black Clover anime has developed quicker than some other major releases owing to having no pauses. With the airing of episode 170, a temporary break was announced.

So far, the animation has covered 27 volumes(some pages of chapter 272), while volumes 28-32 are still waiting to be turned into anime.

We could say that the anime is based on some source material, but there are only about 60 chapters in the five volumes, which is not enough. The anime must wait for additional chapters if it wants to put out unbroken episodes without hurried quality.

Even in the manga, many of the questions that anime spectators had after Black Clover Season 4 remain unaddressed. That’s all the more incentive to hold off now.

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