Traci Braxton Net Worth, Career and Cause of Death [2022]

As of March 12, reality TV personality and singer Traci Braxton has succumbed to her fight with esophageal cancer. Traci Braxton’s husband, Kevin Surratt, told TODAY that “after a year of discreetly suffering a variety of treatments for esophageal cancer, our beautiful Traci Braxton has gone on to glory,” he said.

A friend and publicist Tomasina Perkins-Washington also reported that Traci had been getting hospice care before she passed away.

In a tragic Instagram post on March 12, Traci’s sister, fellow artist, and reality personality Toni Braxton, also revealed her death. We are so saddened to tell you that our sister Traci has passed away,” Toni said in the description.

“She was, without a doubt, a beacon of light, a loving mother, wife, grandmother, and accomplished performer in addition to being a beautiful daughter and sister. My heart goes out to her family. As the snow fell this morning, our angel Traci became a snowflake.”

Traci Braxton has had a long and successful career, first as a member of the Braxton family and subsequently as a solo artist, appearing on the popular reality television show “Braxton Family Values” and recording songs. The Christmas Lottery, “Chaaw,” and “Sinners Wanted” are among the other films in which Traci has appeared.

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Early Life

On April 2, 1971, Traci Renee Braxton was born in Severn, Maryland. As a child, both of her parents had a strong religious background. Her mother, a former opera singer, was a preacher, and her father, was a minister.

Traci Braxton, like her four younger sisters and one elder brother, was reared in a strict religious home. Traci got her start in music by singing in the chorus at her local church.

Traci Braxton Career

Early Music Career

The Braxtons were shortly founded by Traci and her four sisters. In 1989, they signed with a label, and the following year, “Good Life,” their debut song, was released. As a result, The Braxtons were dropped from their record company.

They cited the lack of financial success of their single and the difficulties in marketing women of diverse ages as reasons for their decision to pull the plug.

To record producers in 1991, Toni Braxton was recognized as the most promising solo artist. Because the label didn’t want to sign a group, additional members of The Braxtons were informed.

Despite this, hope did not go away. As a result of Toni Braxton’s successful solo career, the Braxtons were hired as her backup vocalists when she toured the United States. While The Braxtons never released any singles or albums with the record label that signed Toni, the label eventually signed the group.

Traci’s singing career came to a stop in 1995 with no warning. Contrary to popular belief, her pregnancy prevented her from signing a new record deal, despite reports that she had quit the music industry to work with troubled youngsters.

Reality Television Career

“Braxton Family Values” began in 2011 and brought Traci into the public eye, but she remained largely unknown before then. The Braxtons were on one of the most popular reality series on television, but Tamar claimed that the family was paid too little compared to other reality show families, like the Kardashians, who are well-known.

While filming “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Tamar said that she and her family made “75 percent less” than the Kardashians. In total, the Kardashians and Jenners divided $150 million over the course of five seasons, starting in 2017, according to TMZ.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, in addition to performing on the reality program, Traci has also recorded her own songs and entered the spirits industry with her Black Cowboy whiskey line.

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Return To Music

Traci’s musical career was able to get a new lease of life because to the exposure she received through Braxton Family Values. Later that year, she began work on her debut solo album under the guidance of a new label. In 2014, Crash & Burn was released and quickly became a hit. One of the album’s most successful tracks, “Last Call,” reached the 16th spot on the Billboard Hot R&B Adult Contemporary chart. The album was atop the R&B charts at number 11.

All of the Braxton sisters were renamed The Braxtons in accordance with Braxton Family Values. 2015 saw the release of Braxton Family Christmas, the group’s second album after reforming. As a result of her pregnancy, Traci had to depart The Braxtons before to the release of their debut studio album in the early ’90s.

Traci Braxton’s Net worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Traci Braxton’s net worth at the time of her death was under $800,000, despite her decades of employment in the entertainment business. Toni, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar Braxton formed The Braxtons in the early 1990s, launching Traci’s career as a solo artist.

The trio was released from their record company after failing to generate any popular hits. Only Toni, however, went on to pursue a solo career.

Traci Braxton’s Cause of Death

According to a statement sent to TMZ by the singer’s family, he had been battling Esophageal cancer for more than a year before his death. As previously mentioned, Traci Braxton had been having “a series of therapies” in the days leading up to her passing.

While the exact date of Braxton’s cancer diagnosis is uncertain, it is medically recognized that esophageal cancer often goes undetected in its early stages and does not display any symptoms. The Mayo Clinic estimates that this particular kind of cancer is responsible for the sixth-highest number of cancer-related fatalities worldwide.

While Braxton was battling cancer behind closed doors, she had previously spoken openly about her health issues. He has struggled with weight gain and overeating in the past. The late legend, on the other hand, had worked hard to slim down and live a healthy life.

To News One Now’s Roland Martin in 2013, Braxton claimed she had shed 64 pounds throughout the early 2010s.

She said:

“When it came down to eating, I basically ate anything I wanted to eat [at anytime]. And I thought, it’s OK, it’s fine, it’s healthy. I didn’t have my mind right. I was upset with myself because I was gaining the weight.”

The R&B singer, on the other hand, had just made the decision to focus more on her health and joined a gym. As a result of the singer’s rapid weight loss, she was also taking medicine.

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With almost three decades of work under her belt, the multi-talented performer, actor, and TV and radio host has left a lasting mark on the entertainment industry. Additionally, Braxton was well-known for her charitable efforts, which included her support of several charities and non-profit organizations, which provided relief to women and children in need until her death.

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