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Become a ‘Taster Tester’ for Company That Rewards You $1000

If you love what you do, you will have the chance to follow your passion instead of a job.

Getting paid to taste-test would be the ultimate dream come true for many of us. In the end, who wouldn’t love to try new foods, give their opinions, and get paid for it? In a recent job posting, a company wants to make that dream come true.

FinanceBuzz is looking for a potato fan to cook, taste-test, and evaluate all kinds of potato-based recipes in their own kitchen in conjunction with digital media company Launch Potato.

A worker will be paid $1,000 in exchange for their time, as well as a $500 grocery gift card to help cover ingredient costs.

Nonetheless, why is this employment posting so coming now?

National Potato Lovers Month is Currently Underway

Launch Potato and FinanceBuzz thought now would be an ideal time to post the Tater Tester job listing. This is because February is National Potato Lover’s Month.

In the job description, it is stated that the promotion aims to not only celebrate the potato but to also “create the ultimate travel itinerary for spud lovers.”

The tester will cook and critique a different potato recipe every week, ranging from Canadian poutine to Italian gnocchi.

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Launch Potato and FinanceBuzz will use their feedback to decide which potato-centric travel destinations to include in their roundup.

Applying for the job of Tater Tester means explaining what your favorite potato dish is and why you like it, as well as listing what skills you possess that make you ideal for the position.

According to Mashed, You must fill out an application before February 28, and an official tester will be named on March 14.

Paying taste testers isn’t the first time such jobs will be announced by a company. In December, Wishlisted posted a job for a paid hot cocoa drinker, while California Tortilla offered one applicant $2,500 to taste the hot sauce in November.

So If you want to get paid (by eating), here is an opening for you.

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