AT&T Announced Another Increase Massive in DirectTV Prices for 2022!

DirectTV users must expect an increase in the prices of its subscription plans starting January 2022. Inflation simply means prices of things going up…is this a sign that inflation is incoming? The inflation report in November 2021, shows that prices were high by 6.8% which is the highest in 39 years. This is according to the index report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The decision to increase DirectTV prices was taken by AT&T despite that it has sold 30% of its video streaming service to TPG and that DirectTV is no longer operated directly under AT&T. All subscribers are to be affected by this increase including legacy subscribers.

Terms and Conditions

It’s in the DirectTV STREAM terms and conditions that all offers, programming, promotions, pricing, terms, restrictions & conditions are subject to change & may be modified, discontinued, or terminated at any time without notice. Thank goodness it notified its subscribers this time before effecting the price increase in January 2022.

DirecTV is based in El Segundo servicing households in the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean as a direct broadcast satellite service provider. It Launched Its satellite service on June 17, 1994, and has since been transmitting digital satellite television and audio.

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Five to 10 Dollar Monthly Subscription Increase

All the plans will get a $5-$10 increase in price. The Entertainment plan will remain at $70 but does not have access to Regional Sports Networks. Other plans will experience a price increase.

For example, the monthly Premier plan which used to be $140 will be $150, the Ultimate plan will move from $95 to $105 monthly. While the Choice plan which was $85 before will now be $90

Customers on AT&T NOW and DirectTV NOW should expect a $10 increase in price. In price increment, early adopter subscribers of Go Big will have a $25 discount ($80). Go Big will become $105, Just Right plan will become $95, and Live A Little plan will become $80.

DirectTV has continuously increased prices. From January 19, 2020, their video service packages increased rates.

Basic increased by 1$, premier increased by $8 while other packages like Choice Xtra Classic, Preferred Xtra, Xtra, and Ultimate, all increased by $7; Mas Latino, Optimo Mas, and Preferred Choice, all increased by $3; Select, Select Classic, Select Choice, Entertainment and Entertainment Classic, all increased by $4.

Is the End Near?

Is this the beginning of the end for DirectTV and AT&T as it continues to lose subscribers at a high rate?

during the first quarter of 2020, they lost a total of 1.035 million subscribers of their premium video, DirectTV, and U-verse services. It still keeps losing subscribers, even in the second quarter of 2022; it lost 473,000 pay-TV subscribers.

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