Do Lauren and Nate from “The Ultimatum” Still Have a Relationship?

A new Netflix dating show called The Ultimatum has a very insane premise.

The purpose of the program for engaged couples is only to date and see if the person they came with is the person they are meant to leave with.

One partner in the relationship has issued a request demanding marriage or the end of the relationship.

If you think that sounds like a relationship counselor’s worst nightmare, you’re probably right.

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One couple featured on the show, Nate Ruggles and Lauren Kilos, never even got to the “dating around” phase.

Nate popped the question to Lauren before they could even choose a new spouse for their make-believe union.

Nevertheless, given that the episode was filmed months ago, are they still together? How about the wedding? These are the facts that we have gleaned.

They went an extended stretch without tagging each other on Instagram. If you’re participating in a reality show like The Ultimatum, the creators may suggest hiding a large portion of your recent Instagram posts so that fans don’t “spoil” the show by following your every move.

So, it was possible that Lauren and Nate were still together and maybe even married for a time, but we didn’t know for sure until yesterday’s reunion show aired. After that, the reunion was confirmed in every detail.

Lauren and Nate have continued their relationship and are receiving help together. They compromised by deciding to have one child in the future, even if they don’t want children at the moment.

Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles Got Hitched

The stars of Netflix’s The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles, tied the knot just six months after the show’s premiere.

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They now accompany the other married couple from the show—Hunter Parr and Alexis Maloney and Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori—in getting hitched.

Both Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles decided to leave ‘The Ultimatum’ Early

In January, Lauren Pounds and Nate Ruggles, who had been dating for two years before joining the cast of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On on Netflix, were officially introduced as a couple.

He wanted to settle down and start a family, but she didn’t, so they were at an impasse. She opened out about her lack of passion for having children and seemed to click with Colby Kissinger immediately.

Lauren said she was concerned Nate’s busy work may limit him from co-parenting with her, putting her with sole duty.

Nate stated that he didn’t have faith in Colby’s motives when the Texas native chose Lauren to be his trial spouse for the following three weeks.

He then made a suggestion that stunned nearly everyone and stopped the session abruptly.

Many people couldn’t understand the shift because the couple frequently spoke about their disagreements about starting a family.

As a result, he planned to marry off a variety of test subjects.

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Despite his desire to have a family with Lauren, Nate claimed he would rather not have children.

After a brief proposal, he and his partner left the exam. During their reunion, they defended their partnership by saying they’ve been to couples therapy and compromised on several issues related to raising their children.

Six months after the series debut, Lauren and Nate tied the knot.

Lauren and Nate tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in Centennial State six months after the show’s premiere.

Lauren and Nate got married in a small ceremony in Colorado six months after the pilot episode.

Nate popped the question in a park in Austin, Texas, six weeks after they left. Both he and I knew that our TV appearance had been poorly handled and needed to be redone.

The pair tied the knot at their “dream site” in Colorado in front of approximately a hundred guests.

Lauren countered that she never said she didn’t want children and instead only said she wasn’t sure.

A cast member from The Ultimatum said the couple compromised and chose to have one child.

Nate pointed out that they didn’t hear her side of the story.

After the series’ conclusion and the reunion, fans flooded the 30-year-old actress’s Instagram account with questions.

When asked about an experience that didn’t make the cut but that Lauren wished the audience could have seen, she said, “many things” happened.

Nate’s date with Shanique Brown was one of the “wonderful moments” she recalled from their time together.

According to her account, he broke the news of his sister’s death throughout the course of the interview in an “emotional” and “powerful” account that sent the producers to tears.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is available on Netflix online.

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