Is ‘The Ultimatum’s’ Madlyn Ballatori still with her boyfriend Colby Kissinger?

Like the popular Netflix show Love Is Blind, the new show The Ultimatum features dramatic love stories.

To fill you in, the same team is responsible for both series, so you know that things are going to get sticky.

The guidelines are straightforward: Six couples show up at the start.

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One person in each couple is committed to getting married while the other isn’t. The cold-footed spouse is given an ultimatum to either commit to marriage or end the relationship.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show’s hosts, put the 12 contestants through several rounds of speed dating before putting them in temporary, three-week committed relationships.

After that, they plan to reunite with their first love to see whether the sparks are still flying.

Each pair will then select whether to continue dating, get married, or (gasp) move on with someone else.

Both Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger entered the story on different pages.

Colby was more than prepared to tie the knot with Madlyn, but she wasn’t sure whether she was.

They went through many highs and lows while filming the show, but was it all worth it?

The status of Colby and Madlyn’s relationship was discussed in detail during an interview with Women’s Health, in which they also discussed other aspects of (reality) dating.

What went down between Madlyn and Colby on ‘The Ultimatum’?

Colby chimes in, “Overall, I feel like our interaction wasn’t properly shown—who we are as individuals, as couples.

As one participant put it, “We helped other couples through their situation, giving advice, and how well we work together when there’s not chaotic stuff [happening] around us and being forced in certain situations, or being thrown into another conversation that we shouldn’t probably be a part of, but we’re needing to assist.”

“It messes with the balance of our relationship. It’s no longer us, “Now he’s going to elaborate.

“This did not make us feel like we were working together. As the event progressed, we felt diametrically opposed to one another.”

And it took them both by surprise to see their relationships blossom. Even though Colby and Madlyn didn’t get along with each other at first, they ended up becoming quite close with April and Randall when they were apart.

The one thing that really shocked Colby, though, was when they finally got to watch the series for themselves. “By far, the best kiss she’s ever gotten was from Randall.

The reason I say this is because I had in mind something resembling a kiss, and that something was, in fact, a kiss. Do you get what I’m trying to say?”

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Madlyn continues, “You and April had a kiss, too.” “Our conversation covered every angle; in fact, it went much beyond what was really depicted.

So as to avoid any unpleasant shocks, we aimed for complete openness.” And, as she puts it, “it was just actually getting the image of it that was a bit, like, ‘Hmmm.’ ”

She clarifies, though, that she and Colby were always on the same page about going all in with their new partnerships.

She tells “That’s what we went into the show [and] this experience with, with a knowledge of what we were doing in accord.”

“We were supposed to thoroughly explore these connections; he was supposed to kiss April, and I was supposed to kiss Randall.

The experience on The Ultimatum was really educational for them. For a while, “I was really hesitant,” Madlyn admits.

“Colby has always been the type to proclaim, “My parents were married after six months,” from the very beginning. Just like in a dream, they’ve been together for 30 years.”

“My parents separated when I was a senior in high school. It was amicable, and we’re all still very close, but it was still a shock.

He’s in the ideal circumstance through which I can test and expand my abilities. She goes on to say that the couple “had been so easy-breezy that, I mean, we really hadn’t had our first disagreements or anything until the show.” ” (“Major fight,” Colby adds).

“We fought, sure, but the world saw us through our first serious tests. To be honest, I think I was in need of it.

I was wondering whether we can start over after sh*t hits the fan?” This is what Madlyn explains.

I’ve never been put through so much pressure and scrutiny.

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Do you think they’re still together now?

They’re absolutely still a couple, married, and expecting their first child together! “Marriage is an entirely new ballgame for us,” Madlyn explains.

After that, she said, “We’re having a kid! It’s been 35 weeks since we found out we were expecting a baby. They have a daughter, by the way.

Despite Madlyn’s initial concerns, her father has been “extremely thrilled” and “quite supportive” of their decision to hold the wedding without him.

She claims, “Colby drove up to Houston to gain his approval in advance.” Now that we have a kid, my father is overjoyed for all of us.

Someday, the pair also want to have a larger wedding that won’t be broadcast on a reality show.

“I went and got my dress right after filming wrapped,” Madlyn explains. My dad has to be the one to walk me down the aisle,” she said.

I can’t wear it now, but as soon as I do, we’re planning a big party to reaffirm our vows or do something else to mark the occasion and bring everyone together.

The pair also revealed some post-Ultimatum tidbits about their lives, such as the existence of a cast-wide group text.

Colby remarks, “It’s funny how individuals respond to particular people within the group chat.”

“Despite some of the girls’ evenings, we really did have a tremendous respect for each other and the boys also,” Madlyn says of the group of female students.

“Right, so we’ve figured out our location. When one of us succeeds, we’re all incredibly delighted for them, and we always try to be there to cheer them on.

To be clear, she adds, “I’m not, like, hearting every one of Randall’s messages, right?”
In spite of this, there exists a mutual respect.

Baby Colby is expected on May 10 (his birthday), and the couple’s wedding anniversary was May 11. We can only have one big party once a year,” Madlyn says.

Big, hearty congrats to the couple!

Source: Women’s Health

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