Wyatt Pike disclosed the reason for his unexpected departure from “American Idol”

Wyatt Pike has explained why he decided to leave American Idol after Season 18.

An ex-American Idol candidate pulled out of the competition suddenly right before the unveiling of the Top 12.

There were speculations after Pike quit American Idol that he had a fight with judge Luke Bryan, but that was not the case.

An online rumor claimed that Pike and Bryan got into a fist fight, which resulted in a black eye for the “UP” singer and led to Bryan’s absence from Idol on April 12, 2021, as reported by E! News.

But in reality, Bryan was only sleeping because he had recently been diagnosed with COVID. Paula Abdul stepped in as a substitute for Bryan that night, but he made his return the next week.

Caroline, Bryan’s wife, immediately moved to social media to put the record straight and dispel the suspicions that had been circulating at the time.

Bryan’s wife said on TikTok, “Trust me. He has covid.” I wish there were a battle. I’ve had it with being the sole adult responsible for cleaning up after children. I just urinated Lysol!

Then, in April of 2021, Pike broke his silence on Instagram, explaining that he had departed American Idol for personal reasons.

Pike explained why she had to withdraw from the competition on Instagram: “I had to leave the @AmericanIdol competition for personal reasons but am so glad I get to play music for the rest of my life.”

“Competitors, I miss you all and wish you the best of luck! Much appreciation to everyone who has helped… don’t leave just yet. There’s more music on the way!”

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While speaking with KPCW about his new song “Deep Blue,” released in early 2022, Pike finally explained the real cause for his departure from the show.

I decided to leave because, in all honesty, I just don’t enjoy listening to music that’s being played in a competitive environment on television. The pressure mounted to an unacceptable level.

Pike elaborated on the “stress and behind-the-scenes strain and things that had to happen.”

Pike continued by telling the publication, “Coming off of that show, it’s kind of a… how am I going to almost reintroduce myself musically off of the show.”

As she put it, “Because certainly there’s an awareness of who I am on the programme, but it maybe doesn’t totally represent who I want to be and who I want to become.”

The recently released single “Deep Blue” by Pike features co-writing with fellow American Idol graduate Francisco Martin.

The former contestants of “American Idol” wrote the song after getting together for dinner and writing a couple of songs in Los Angeles one night.

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Pike typically composes his music in isolation. Thus this is the first song he has ever co-written with another artist.

The track was self-released with the help of Peter Hanaman, an assistant engineer at The Village Studios, a recording facility that has hosted the likes of Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty, and others.

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