Americans May Get $1,000s and $2,000 in State Stimulus Support, and Even More, Find Out

The American people are still hopeful that the Federal government will extend another stimulus check-in time during the Christmas period.

There is a lot going on with the government right now since the session is wrapping up.

A restaurant owner had created a petition on to get Congress to approve checks.

In the petition, it is requested that adults and children be given checks for $2,000 and $1,000 respectively as the pandemic phase-out.

Over 3 million people have signed the petition so far.

Congress is also being asked by The Senior Citizens League to consider sending an additional $1,400 check to seniors on a fixed income but only to those over age 65.

Following are the states providing assistance to their residents as part of the stimulus program

Permanent Fund Dividends in Alaska are used to distribute a portion of mineral royalties to all Alaskans. Alaskans will receive a total of $1,114 in royalties in 2021. The residents are also being offered assistance with their heating bills by the state, which began sending them in October.

Arizona offers a Back to Work bonus check of $2,000 to qualifying residents. A total of $300 million has been allocated for this program and funds are available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

Checks have been sent to California for the Golden State Stimulus I and II programs. They range in value from $600 to $1,100.

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A UBI pilot program has also been started in Los Angeles, which will provide $1,000 per month to 3,000 families for one year.

The state of Connecticut offers a Back to Work program that offers $1,000 bonuses for the first 10,000 unemployed people who find and keep a job for two months.

The program runs until December 31, and $10 million was set aside.

Teachers and first responders in Florida will receive $1,000 for their efforts during the pandemic. The Governor has proposed another round of the stimulus program in 2022.

Over the summer, Georgia gave $500 to part-time teachers and $1000 to full-time teachers.

Starting in 2022, the state of Illinois plans to provide $500 per month to 5,000 low-income families.

Residents of Maine receive checks worth $285 for working during the pandemic.

When Maryland’s residents filed their 2020 taxes, they were offered $300 and $500 as Earned Income Tax Credits.

In February of 2021, Michigan’s teachers and school staff received hazard pay worth $500.

With a no income check of $1,086 for families of 3, New Hampshire offers assistance to families of 3.

Families in New Jersey were provided with a $500 tax rebate.

4,000 New Mexicans with low incomes that did not receive a stimulus check will receive $750 apiece from the state.

As part of its Tourism Worker Recovery Fund, New York is paying $2,750 to workers in certain tourism sectors.

In this industry, 36,000 people are currently unemployed, and workers are least likely to return to their jobs.

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Those who find employment in Oklahoma will receive a stimulus check of $1,200.

Hazard pay is being provided to some Tennessee government employees.

Additionally, part-time teachers will receive a $400 bonus and full-time teachers will receive a $1,000 bonus.

There are a number of Texas school districts that have decided whether or not to pay their teachers bonuses.

Lastly, Vermont is offering shifting assistance up to $7,500 to people transferring from the hospitality or construction industry.

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