A Woman Is Arrested After Her 10-Year-Old Son Gets A Tattoo

According to reports, a woman from New York City, New York. Arrested after her 10-year-old son got a forearm tattoo.

Crystal Thomas (33), the woman, and Austin Smith (20), the tattoo artist, were reportedly arrested last month. For breaking the rules of getting inked in New York City.

The incident came to light when the 10-year-old student asked the nurse at his city elementary school in Highland to apply moisturizer to his tattoo.

The boy had asked her mother’s permission before tattooing his name in big block letters on his forearm.

The police responded to the nurse’s call for help by arresting the boy’s mother and the tattoo artist who was operating the studio illegally.

Typical Tattoos in New York

There is no minimum age requirement for getting a tattoo in several US states. In New York, one must be 18 years to get a tattoo at the least, with or without parental permission.

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