Barricades Himself Inside His House, Closing Off Portions of Leonard Street

After a lengthy confrontation in the city’s northwest Friday night, one individual is now in jail.

Reports from the Grand Rapids Police Department say that the suspect was caught at a home near Valley Avenue NW and Leonard Street NW just after 3 a.m.

Life-Threatening Injuries

Apparently, a K9 dog was dispatched inside the house, as one of the captains on the scene informed us. After the guy stabbed the dog, the police arrived and arrested him.
The dog has been taken to the vet with what the police are calling life-threatening injuries.

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Everything kicked out when they tried to apprehend the suspect late Sunday night for an attack that had taken place early Saturday morning.

Bullets Fired During the Confrontation

According to the Grand Rapids Police Department, bullets were fired during the confrontation, but it is still unknown who was responsible for firing them.

An officer could be heard yelling at the guy to “drop the knife” as he stood on the top of the house before the man ultimately returned inside.

The police may have also tried to coax him out by firing tear gas into the house, although the outcome of that effort is unknown.

It has been reported that many police agencies and a K9 team have arrived to help in the investigation.

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There will be no access to or from Leonard Street during this time. Diverse routes are being recommended to motorists.

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