A girl from Illinois desires a furry friend for Christmas

A little girl in Illinois with rare sickness wants a puppy for Christmas so she may have company as she fights. Aubrey O’Sullivan, age 4, has had her one wish realized by the kind people of St. Louis.

Aubrey’s mom, Allison O’Sullivan, explained that her daughter “woke up with a limp” after having been a healthy, active toddler up until that point.

We watched it and thought she could have hurt herself, but it kept getting worse and worse.

Aubrey was diagnosed with “reduced body myopathy,” better known as RBM, a disease that affects a small percentage of the population. Those who contract the fatal illness suffer from muscle weakness.

According to Allison, only approximately 30 cases have been documented in all medical history.

The O’Sullivans are military personnel and have been taking care of Aubrey since they relocated to Scott Air Force Base in March.

Realizing that “there was nothing we could do for her” “shattered our world,” as Allison put it. That we only have so much time left and that it is what it is.

Make-a-Request heard about Aubrey and granted her wish within three months. Chad Baker, a willing volunteer, was instrumental in making this happen.

Baker claimed that she has dealt with many “more common and typical” children during her career.

Not yet have I assisted children with more uncommon illnesses, but it’s gratifying to know that I had a hand in providing something truly unique to someone.

Each and every happy expression and ecstatic gesture is always appreciated. Aubrey’s new pet is a teddy bear, hence the name.

Mom said local dog trainers and PetSmart have been very generous. To further their efforts to develop a treatment for RBM, the family has established the non-profit Aubrey O’Sullivan Foundation.

Source: FOX2NOW

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