Wine Sales in NYC Supermarkets Could Be Coming Soon

New Yorkers might soon be able to buy wine in supermarkets, thanks to a proposed bill aimed at changing state law to permit wine sales in food stores across New York City. This move, however, has sparked opposition from local liquor store owners.

Supermarket Wine Sales: A Pending Change

A bill under Senate consideration seeks to revise New York’s alcoholic beverage control law, allowing supermarkets in the city’s five boroughs to sell wine.

This change aims to provide convenience for shoppers, enabling them to pick up wine alongside their groceries.

Wine Sales in NYC Supermarkets Could Be Coming Soon
Wine Sales in NYC Supermarkets Could Be Coming Soon

Liquor Store Owners Push Back

Michael Correra, representing over 3,000 New York state liquor stores, argues that allowing supermarkets to sell wine threatens small businesses dependent on wine and liquor sales.

Correra highlights the potential negative impact on local stores, fearing closures in an already struggling retail landscape.

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The Debate Over Consumer Convenience vs. Small Business Survival

The bill advocates for consumer convenience, suggesting that if beer can be sold in supermarkets, wine should be too. It aims to modernize outdated laws, making shopping more streamlined for consumers.

However, critics like Correra worry about the survival of traditional liquor stores, citing significant sales drops in other states with similar laws.

They emphasize the value of personalized service that small businesses offer over the impersonal nature of supermarket wine sales.

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