Higher Pay for NYC Lifeguards: Mayor Adams’ Admin Approves $22 per Hour

New York City lifeguards are in for a pay increase following an agreement between the city and the District Council 37 municipal workers union.

Their hourly wage will now be $22, which is higher than the previous rate of $19.50. This represents an 11% raise.

Bonus for Dedicated Lifeguards

In addition to the pay raise, lifeguards who are already working for the city will receive a $1,000 bonus if they work during this year’s busy summer season.

This bonus is to recognize their dedication and hard work in keeping the city’s pools and beaches safe.

NYC lifeguards will now be paid $22 an hour under a deal with Mayor Adams’ administration:

Addressing Lifeguard Shortages

This news is especially important as many cities across the country are facing shortages of lifeguards. Henry Garrido, the executive director of DC 37, expressed pride in securing this wage increase and bonus for lifeguards.

He mentioned that while they are dealing with the same shortage issues as other places, this agreement makes New York City more competitive and ensures safety as they prepare for the upcoming summer.

Becoming a Lifeguard in NYC

To become a lifeguard in NYC, applicants must pass a qualifying exam offered by the Parks Department.

These testing began in December and are now running at 15 pools throughout the city. If chosen, lifeguards will be trained in CPR, first aid, and how to rescue individuals in need on beaches and pools.

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Mayor Adams and Parks Commissioner’s Perspective

Mayor Adams emphasized that the higher wage will likely attract more people to become lifeguards, helping to address the staffing shortages and prioritize the safety of New Yorkers.

Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue encouraged qualified individuals to register for the qualifying test, highlighting the importance of lifeguards in the face of a nationwide shortage.

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