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‘We Want $2K Monthly Stimulus Payments,’ Over 4 Million Americas Tells Congress and Senate

Despite a sudden surge in the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant across the United States during the summer, seven ongoing petitions have surpassed 4 million signatures seriously calling for a new monthly stimulus check of $2,000.

Though the online acceptance for new stimulus payments keeps growing, Congress, however, is not feeling the pressure from it.

Many months back, Stephanie Bonin, the owner of a Denver restaurant, had created the largest Change.org petition for recurring cash payments, demanding that the US Congress pass legislation that provides $2000 payments for adults each month, and $1,000 payments for kids until the epidemic ends.

Over 2,950,700 signatures have been collected as of Saturday, and about 43,000 new supporters have been obtained since then.

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If it reaches its 3 million signature goal, the petition will become the very leading petition on Change.org.

If things continue as they are, the goal will definitely be reached by early December.

In recent months, six smaller petitions on Change.org have got traction to advocate for monthly payments.

As part of the first, most modest petition, Biden and Democrats are encouraged to “publicly advocate giving everyone a $2000/month UBI until the crisis Is ended.”

The petition has been signed by over 389,700 people since it was launched over a year ago.

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In a second petition, 224,390 people demand that the Biden administration and Congress spend “$2,000+ every month for every American.”

The petition has been signed by 224,390 people as of Saturday.

Smith initially planned to collect 50,000 signatures.

However, as it quickly gathered more support than he anticipated, Smith increased the petition goal to 300,000.

Tyson Su had also drafted a smaller petition asking for the Senate to pass a bill providing $2,000 checks each month for the duration of the pandemic to unemployed people and people earning less than $130,000 a year.

There were 181,980 supporters of the petition as of Saturday, only 18,020 short of its 200,000 targets.

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The fourth and smallest petition, created by the Trump administration during the first days of the outbreak, asks that the government “fight for monthly payments.”

In total, 74,125 signatures had been collected as of Saturday, just 875 short of the 75,000 targets.

In the fifth petition, Biden and other officials were also prompted for another stimulus distribution.

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