Vermont Offers up to $7,500 to Laborers To Relocate

To anyone looking for “greener” pastures: Vermont is offering up to $7,500 to relocate workers to their state. Are you up for it?

The past year has been immensely difficult for America and the rest of the world as we deal with the cumulative result of business shutdowns, poverty and homelessness, massive unemployment rates, and of course, the thing that set off this series of events: the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of this, states like Vermont are looking for ways to alleviate their problems, especially with unemployment.

This is why the Vermont government has come up with new relocation incentives for people who want to work in Vermont.

According to Think Vermont’s website, “The Vermont Legislature has created the following relocation incentives to attract new residents to the state and grow the workforce as well as provide support to Vermont employers. 

The New Relocating Worker Grant is available to new residents taking a qualifying job with a Vermont employer.

The New Remote Worker Grant will be available after February 1, 2022, to new residents that work for an out-of-state employer.”

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To qualify, people not currently living in the state must land a job on the list of the highest in-demand jobs in the area. These jobs range from cashiers to childcare workers, bartenders, nursing assistants, and many more. 

The wage for the position granted to the applicant must be equal to or exceed the Vermont livable wage rate which is currently at $13.39 per hour. 

People who will qualify for this grant and who will then proceed to become full-time residents in Vermont will receive reimbursement under the program for relocation expenses such as closing costs on a home, a lease deposit for a residence, hiring a moving company, and shipping costs.

However, the grants are arranged on a “first-come, first-serve” basis, so if this sounds like something you want to pursue, you can apply now at this link: Relocation Incentives | ThinkVermont

If you have questions about the grants or other requirements, you may contact the Vermont worker relocation authorities at [email protected].

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