Unvaccinated Americans To Face Tighter COVID Testing Requirements in The New US Travel System

As the US is about to open borders for international travelers, their government has rolled out some protocols regarding COVID 19. 

Yes! You read it right. The US government is about to open borders on the 8th of November. The travel ban is about to be lifted after a long break for travelers who want to enter the USA. They put a ban on many countries due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now while lifting this ban, they are formulating many different policies regarding vaccination and Covid 19 testing for travelers, as well as unvaccinated residents, PR, citizens, etc. All these protocols are to be followed to avoid any kind of virus transmission.

They have also issued guidelines to be followed for the unvaccinated permanent residents and their citizens. Strict protocols of COVID 19 testing are to be followed by them as well as foreign travelers who are unable to present a full vaccination certificate.

That means if in a rare case, any foreign traveler who is unable to present the full vaccination certificate needs to present COVID 19 negative report that too within one day of departure instead of three days as mentioned in earlier guidelines by the US government.

However, Americans who are fully vaccinated can avail the option of presenting the COVID 19 test report within three days. But in case they are unable to present their certificate, they also need to get COVID 19 negative test report within one day.

As said by senior administration officials on Monday during his speech, these safety measures are to be followed by all to ensure the utmost safety of all the US residents as well as the travelers aspiring to visit the US at the most favorable time ahead of that including black Friday to Christmas.

They have mentioned that only those foreign travelers are allowed to enter the US who have completed their vaccinations approved by WHO. So, the airlines are advised to make sure only those can board their flight to avoid last-minute disappointment.  

What are the exceptions?

The government officials said that rare exceptions for the vaccine certificate of foreign travelers would be given to children who are under 18 years of age only. But they have to present their Covid 19 negative report within a day of departure only while boarding the plane.

Another exception can be allowed to the countries where vaccination drive is less than 10% due to lack of availability of vaccinations. Right now, there are 50 such countries on the list, but this list will be updated from time to time.

People who have anaphylactic reactions to a COVID-19 vaccine can be exempted from the vaccine certificate requirement. However, all the exemptions mentioned above will need to present Covid 19 negative test report.

However, children under the age of 2 years are exempted from vaccines, as well as Covid 19 test negative report.

Moreover, the passengers who have recently recovered from COVID 19 will not be required to present any test report but need to show all the documents mentioning their recovery from it. That means they can present their COVID 19 positive report, and a sample must be taken within 90 days of boarding the flight. Along with the certificate from the medical practitioner 

or public health official, mentioning that you have recovered and are allowed to travel abroad. 

Who will be able to enter the US?

Starting from the 8th of November, the US allowed foreign travelers to enter the US to open their cross-country borders. However, they have to follow the Covid 19 safety protocols. They need to show their full vaccination certificate. Along with a Covid 19 negative test report within three days of their flight boarding.

They have advised airlines to collect all the information from the passengers in case it needs to be traced afterward. And they need to keep this information for at least 30 days. If in case anyone caught the infection, the officials will contact them to follow.

Following these guidelines, passengers won’t need to be quarantined. The government officials will be making changes in the list of countries right now banned for foreign travelers. The passengers who visit these countries within 14 days of their flight boarding will also not be allowed to enter the US.

What about Mexico and Canada?

The foreign travelers entering from either ferry or land ways will have to follow the same guidelines. However, casual travel will allow them to visit their family or friend, or tourism, etc. But they also need to follow the same protocols of full vaccination certificates.

Rules for entry through land or ferry will be updated. Whoever is entering will need to present their full vaccination certificate. These protocols are to be followed by the travelers, not the immigrants. 

However, applicants who have applied for immigration to the USA will be required to present their full vaccination certificate at the time of their medical while visa processing.

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