Top 5 R&B Singers in New York 2023

New York, the city that never sleeps, is not just a melting pot of cultures, but also a breeding place for musical talent. The R&B scene in the Empire State is burning with deep tunes and powerhouse singers in 2023. Keep reading as we reveal the top ten R&B singers who have made an impact on the city’s music industry this year.

1. Justine Skye

Justine Skye is a gifted R&B singer from Brooklyn, New York. She made her debut in 2014 with the popular song “Collide,” which featured Tyga and was produced by DJ Mustard.

Justine Skye has been a persistent presence in the music scene since then, releasing seven albums since her debut in 2013 with “Everyday Living.”

She began by creating songs on YouTube and has since progressed to become one of the leading female R&B musicians, showcasing a dedicated and success-filled career.

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2. Amber Mark

Amber Mark is a gifted artist who spent her teenage years in New York City and Miami. During those formative years, she explored and found her actual personality, as well as her love of making music.

She began releasing her songs to the public in the late 2010s, beginning with the EP “3:33am.” Fast forward to 2022, and Amber Mark is still making noise in the R&B world with her latest single, “Three Dimensions Deep.” With each new song, she has established her place as a unique artist in the exciting world of R&B today.

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3. Lion Babe

Lion Babe, an awesome R&B pair from New York City’s bustling streets, is made up of brilliant singer Jillian Hervey and skilled record producer Lucas Goodman.

Their musical journey began off in 2012, when they released the track “Treat Me Like Fire,” which caught the attention of music fans and led to a record deal with Interscope Records.

“Lion Babe,” the duo’s self-titled EP released in 2014, showed their distinct sound, including a memorable collaboration with Childish Gambino on the single “Jump Hi.”

Lion Babe is known for introducing funk, soul, and pure rhythm and blues into the music industry. Their presence is both powerful and impossible to ignore, standing as a testament to originality in a world where it’s often a rare find.

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4. Leon Thomas

Leon Thomas, a former Disney star who appeared in the popular TV show Victorious. He’s now all about music and has established himself as one of New York’s top R&B singers.

Leon Thomas returned in 2022 after a five-year break with songs including “X-Rated,” starring Benny the Butcher, and “Love Jones,” with Ty Dolla Sign.

His return to the music business has made waves, and he’s quickly established himself as an established figure in the New York R&B scene.


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5. Raveena

Raveena is a soulful and spiritual South Asian performer. People adore her sweet touching rhythm and blues songs. She began her career by releasing a number of tracks before releasing the Shanti EP in 2017.

She’s been all about R&B since then, releasing great projects like the Moonstone EP and albums like Lucid and Asha’s Awakening that fans enjoy.

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These five musicians represent the richness and complexity of New York’s R&B culture, making 2023 a year to remember in the city’s rich musical history. Keep dancing to the soulful beats and harmonic melodies as these R&B maestros continue to define the Empire State’s musical legacy.

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