‘Too Good of a Kid’-Crash Occurred During the Shooting of a Film about Gun Violence, and Actor Xavier Lofton and Two Others Killed

Herman Lofton stated he and his son Xavier had a four-hour conversation during their last phone call “Just chatting about various topics. The housing market, his daughter’s birthday, his career, “That’s what Herman had to say.

The next day, Xavier, 29, was one of three people killed in a shooting and car wreck in Austin. There were two fatalities, according to initial police reports. Herman added, “In a million years, I never imagined that I would be burying my kid.”

Police said Xavier was hit many times and pronounced dead at Mt. Sinai Hospital

On a Friday evening, something occurred. Police in Chicago reported that at 11:17 p.m., two people driving on South Cicero Avenue were shot at by someone in a brown SUV.
Police said Xavier was hit many times and pronounced dead at Mt. Sinai Hospital. A woman of 29 was also in the car when it was shot; she was sent to Stroger Hospital in serious condition after the accident.

After seeing his friend Suless Burton’s video “When Does it Stop?” on gun violence, Xavier decided to pursue acting. It was a leading part, and he was in it. As the film progresses, Xavier’s character gets gunned down.

‘All we wanted to do was make some impact on the younger generation to put the guns down, and then this occurs,’ Burton added. Lorenzo EcFord, 37, was reportedly killed in a separate shooting while riding in a different vehicle.

To his three kids, 6-foot-9-inch EcFord seemed even taller

“Thoughts of my grandchildren consume every waking moment of my mind. Their beloved father passed away, and they are grieving, “According to EcFord’s mom, Cassandra Marsh.

A stray bullet struck EcFord, a former collegiate basketball player, in the back as he delivered meals. His 10-year-old daughter and one of his boys just escaped being hit by the bullet, which also almost missed his girlfriend.

“My papa hurts so bad,” she kept repeating. Blood is all over his palm, “Marsh remarked. “According to her, he reassured his children of his undying love for them. Then, he sagged over completely.”

Marsh claimed the last words her son spoke to her were, “I love you.” Willie Williams, 50, was a pedestrian hit and killed by EcFord’s car. Xavier’s dad is baffled as to what may have caused this.

“He was too perfect of a child. He was always busy, kind, and considerate to others. It wasn’t a gang-related incident. Instead of going outside, “Says Herman. Herman said Xavier was a busy dad who occupied himself by working at the post office and in real estate with his 7-year-old daughter.

“It was clear that she adored her father. Together, they couldn’t be apart, “Says Herman. It’s not known if Xavier was intended as a target or if he was accidentally hit. No one has been taken into custody at this time, according to Chicago police.

The people closest to Xavier have expressed condolences to the other victims’ families and their desire to see the perpetrators of this tragedy face justice.

source: abc7chicago.com

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