This Country Just Found its First Covid Case. Chances of Potential Lockdown

The South Pacific island country of Tonga proclaimed its initial case of Covid-19 on Friday, driving thousands of people to become vaccinated between signs of a nationwide lockdown. Tonga was one of just a few nations that had not recorded a single Covid case as the epidemic’s origin.

But on Friday, Tonga’s Prime Minister approved its initial positive case from a tourist who had moved from New Zealand.

According to New Zealand’s Health Ministry, the victim passenger came to Tonga on Wednesday, operated on from Christchurch.

The customer was completely vaccinated, tested negative in New Zealand before the flight, and was found among tourists visiting a hotel used for controlled isolation and quarantine for brand-new visitors into the country.

Tu’i’onetoa, Prime Minister Of Tonga, stated all airport workers who were in touch with any of the tourists on the flight had been isolated. The news website Matangi Tonga signaled Tongans to be ready for a possible nationwide lockdown following the incident.

“We must use this moment to get prepared if more people are approved they have the virus,” he reportedly stated. Matangi Tonga announced many people hurried to vaccination hubs to get their Covid vaccine, following the positive case info.

Tonga’s Minister of Health ‘Amelia Tuʻipulotu, announced the high production would increase the nation’s vaccination coverage across the preceding few days. “More people are getting ahead because now we have coverage of the initial shot of approximately 86% and the second shot of around 62%.

Therefore this is a significant production today and will increase the overall coverage of completely vaccinated,” Tuʻipulotu stated.

Tonga is a Polynesian nation of more than 170 South Pacific islands and houses approximately 100,000 people. The archipelago extends approximately 800 kilometers (497 miles) eastward of Fiji and 2,380 kilometers (1,480 miles) from New Zealand.

Though it hasn’t announced a Covid case till now, the island country announced a case of emergency in March 2020 and closed its borders to international citizens.

Like other Pacific island countries, Tonga’s first action defended it from Covid disorders that could have destroyed the nation, where 22.1% of the community lives below the federal poverty line, and medicinal facilities and supplies are inadequate.

But the severe travel actions have seriously influenced the economics of Pacific island countries, particularly those that rely on tourism.

The Pacific states of Tuvalu and Nauru are amongst the just nations in the universe not to have announced a Covid infection. Turkmenistan and North Korea have not officially announced any cases, though specialists say those cases are unlikely to be accurate.

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