The Encounter With a Woman Accused of Dismembering Landlord- A Chicagoan Describes

A Chicagoan describes meeting the woman suspected of murdering and dismembering the proprietor of the boarding house where she was staying. The woman, whose identity is being withheld by Nexstar’s WGN, claims that a woman named Sandra Kolalou sang to her in the stairwell of her Chicago condo before she attempted to kill her in January. She began to hum, “I’m a doctor, I can kill you.” The woman proclaimed. “I’m a doctor, I can help you.” She climbed on top of me and clamped her hand over my nose, the woman said.

She covered my mouth with her other hand and snapped the door shut. Someone attempted to eliminate me. The woman claimed that she had used her inhaler to treat her asthma right before the attack. She states that she attempted to force the inhaler down her throat. There was only one more breath in me, and in my panic, I bit at what I thought was her hand. “I bit her finger,” the woman admitted.

The Woman Involved in a Horrible Crime

Sandra Kolalou was arrested and charged last week, accused of killing and dismembering her boarding house owner, Frances Walker, 69. Walker’s remains were found Monday in the freezer of their boarding house. Upon learning that blood had also been discovered inside Walker’s residence, police contacted the tow truck driver and requested that he delay Kolalou while they went to the auto shop.

After dropping Kolalou off at Western and Estes, the driver allegedly accepted Walker’s credit card as payment for his services. Later, Kolalou allegedly threatened the driver with a knife after he refused to take her to a different location. The driver reportedly yelled at passing police, and she was promptly arrested, as reported by McCord Rodgers.
After Walker’s capture, police allegedly executed a search warrant at his residence and discovered his dismembered body parts in a freezer on the first floor.

Blood was also discovered in many locations in Walker’s bedroom, on the first-floor bathroom sink, in a closet, on two chef knives, and a cleaning product in Kolalou’s room, according to McCord Rodgers. Officers attempted to pick her up off the floor and remove her from the scene. Which they did, bringing her to a mental health facility.
During her trial for battery charges this summer, the jury found her not guilty.

Clever Investigation by The Police

Police were called multiple times by other residents who said they heard yelling. Hours after they reported their landlord missing at 7 p.m., her body was discovered in the backyard. Tenants reported that Kolalou had summoned a tow truck to the complex. She allegedly threatened the tow truck driver with a knife before giving the order to proceed.

Bloody rags were allegedly discovered in a trash can close to where she had told the tow truck driver to take her. The police entered the boarding house after finding the rags. According to the police, Walker’s body was discovered in a freezer and there was blood in her bedroom.

After her arrest, Kolalou exercised her right to remain silent and refused to cooperate with police. On October 31, she will have another court date.

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