The birthday of the world’s oldest blue-eyed black lemurs is celebrated.

Stewart and Bardot, the world’s oldest blue-eyed black lemurs, are celebrating their birthdays, according to a press release from the Philadelphia Zoo.

Stewart celebrated his 32nd birthday this past week, making him the oldest male blue-eyed black lemur, and Bardot celebrated her 30th birthday, making her the oldest female blue-eyed black lemur in the world.

“The only other primates with pure blue eyes are blue-eyed black lemurs and spider monkeys, both of which are found in Madagascar.

Our gratitude for having such a wonderful animal care team and veterinary personnel to help keep this pair well and happy in their elderly years cannot be overstated “According to the Philadelphia Zoo’s Twitter account.

Blue-eyed black lemurs are sexually dimorphic, which means that the colors of the males and females are different. Stewart’s fur is black, but Bardot’s is a brown color.

The species is critically endangered, and it is considered to be one of the most endangered primates on the globe, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

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