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Stimulus Checks: States in U.S. Distribute Hazard Payment to its Inhabitants

As part of COVID-19 relief payments, some states have participated in the disbursement of hazard payments to their inhabitants.

Maine is among these states.

The disbursement is in lieu of a fourth stimulus check, as many states have sought to make an impact in the lives of their residents.

Approximately 520,000 people in Maine who worked during the pandemic will receive one-time payments of $149.8 million.

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Starting Nov. 1, these checks will be sent to qualifying recipients.

100,000 checks will be sent each week for nearly a month.

The payments are intended to compensate for the hardships created by the pandemic.

Applicants must be Maine residents and make less than $75,000 annually single or $150,000 annually jointly.

The payment is due by Oct. 31 if you have not filed a state tax return yet, go file it quickly.

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