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She told the truth about Wuhan. Now she is near death in a Chinese prison


China performed one scene of brutality when it finished the citizen reporter Zhang Zhan for her revealing appearance at Wuhan in the initial steps of what became a universal epidemic.

Ms. Zhang was convicted in December to four years in jail on the probable assessment of “choosing arguments and making problems,” which China manages to stifle free expression.

Presently her health has declined, and relatives state she is near death. China will increase the cruelty, except it places her free and keeps her life.

Ms. Zhang, a retired lawyer, made an enduring addition to our knowledge of what occurred in Wuhan.

Across three months there, she published 122 YouTube videos, the chief of which she named “My request for the power of free expression.” When she went to Wuhan on Feb. 1, 2020, she later remembered, “There was not a unique personality.

It seemed as if I fell on a film set right after the shot, and everybody devised the set. The atmosphere didn’t feel true.” Her videos verified disorder inside a hospital.

Managed to finish filming, she walked throughout the town in February and March, posting what she saw.

Her capture and isolation are members of China’s giant screen. In December 2019, leaders in Wuhan tried to sneak data regarding the new virus disorder; when eight doctors showed care regarding the illness, they were criticized.

A second disguise happened at the beginning of January 2020, when the best Chinese leaders remained quiet. However, they understood human transmission of the disease and advised the public just on Jan. 20.

A third screen has included their renewed efforts to prevent the research into the pandemic’s roots and their drive to accuse it on references outside China.

After being arrested in May 2020, Ms. Zhang worked on a starvation strike and was force supplied by a tube. She is presently eating very little but not denying food to bypass being force supplied again.

But her health has subsided. Her brother, Zhang Ju, published on Twitter on Oct. 30: “She is so unreasonable. I believe she may not live long.” He continued, “She may not last the next cold winter. I believe the globe learns how she used to be.”

Her mom noticed Ms. Zhang in a video call on Oct. 28 and reported Radio Free Asia, “She can’t drive unassisted promptly, and her head holds drooping as she talks.

She will be at tremendous risk if they don’t deliver her on medicinal parole.” She continued, “I cried for many hours right after I went out” from the call.

Ms. Zhang must be recognized for her beautiful efforts to show the turmoil and upheaval of Wuhan in those preceding weeks.

She was a guard of a rising disaster. Her media was not a scandal. She must not waste another minute behind bars. She must not be permitted to die.

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