Problems With the Supply Chain Generate a Scarcity of Disposable Face Masks

In several businesses across the country, supply chain bottlenecks have had a negative impact, but one, in particular, has health experts concerned.

Approximately around the same time that COVID numbers are beginning to rise, the country is experiencing a shortage of disposable face masks.

What is causing the scarcity?

The President of Phoenix Quality Manufacturing in Jackson, Ohio, explained that the general shortage of some personal protective equipment (PPE) products in North America and the United States are related to a global supply chain issue that the company is experiencing—one that is related to COVID-19 and another that is related to the flow of goods because of the supplier’s employee shortage.

Another reason for the shortfall, according to him, is that the demand for face masks has not been consistent.

“One of the things about masks is that there isn’t a consistent demand for them like there is for food goods since people need to eat every day.” The flow of the mask is determined by the frequency of flare-ups,” Tsagris explained.

As a result, we had a flare-up with the original COVID-19, then with the delta variation, and now with omicron, which is creating flare-ups as well as an increase in purchases,” says the expert.

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What can businesses do to ensure that they receive a consistent stream of customers?

“The one thing that we always recommend is buying locally and buying from companies located in the United States.

The fact that we’re able to assist local supply chains and local manufacturers in Ohio and adjacent places in the United States means that we’re able to support having manufacturing and means of production that are located here,” Tsagris explained.

In addition, he stated that companies taking these steps would eliminate lengthy over-the-sea logistic chains, products would be available in times of crisis, and “if countries around the world are forced to close their borders due to COVID-19 or future pandemics, we will have local supplies available.”

It is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that anyone who finds themselves in the absence of a disposable face mask consider utilizing a cloth mask as an alternative.

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