A Polish man goes missing in Chicago, and his friends are looking for him

After a night out in Chicago, a Polish man working temporarily in the suburbs has not been seen since. Police in Chicago is assisting a public appeal made by his pals.

After nearly three days, Krysztof Szubert has yet to be located. He was last seen in the River North area at 9:45 p.m. on Saturday night; he is 21 years old.

“This is something he would never do. His go-to calls for help were when he was in a jam or needed directions, “said pal Michal Osiecki.

Szubert is a native of the Polish city of Tiffin. He planned to spend only a few months in the United States, working as a software developer on a project in the southwest suburbs.

“He’s smart, young, and very bright,” Osiecki gushed. He is currently located at a Joliet, Illinois, motel with his coworkers.

This weekend, though, they ventured into the city, spending two hours at the Hubbard Street bar Howl at the Moon after browsing the Chriskindlemarket for an hour.

Since Osiecki and his friends were unable to locate their friend inside the bar, they surmised that he had taken an Uber home with another person.

Szubert’s friends returned to River North on Sunday morning after learning of his disappearance and immediately began putting up missing posters.

“I’ve been talking to members of his family. Staying in Poland has left them feeling helpless and confined, “remarked Michal Wojasinski, a colleague and friend.

They’ve reported it to the police, who will now look into it. It’s been days, but they’re not giving up hope.

In the end, I believe he will be located,” Wojasinski stated. We’ll get there as soon as we can gather enough people and resources to make it happen.

The Howl at the Moon manager claims he has spoken with the young man’s relatives and reviewed CCTV footage, but has come up with no concrete leads.

When we last saw him, Szubert was sporting his eyeglasses, a dark jacket, and a blue-collared shirt. Please contact the Chicago Police Department if you have any information.

As of this next weekend, Szubert will return to Poland.

Source: FOX32 Chicago

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