Playing For An Empty Stadium: Low Turnout at Texas Game Goes Viral

It was almost an empty audience during the recent Houston Texas games, and so many people online have things to say.

A video taken just five minutes before kickoff against the Los Angeles Rams at NRG Stadium shows the Texans going onto the field with the usual fanfare.

The Houston Texans have played their home games at NRG Stadium (formerly Reliant Stadium) since their inception in 2002. The annual calendar consists of 8 regular season and 2 pre-season games, plus any playoff games the Texans host.

But, the stadium was close to empty with hardly anyone to enjoy the show. 

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The upper sections were practically empty, and the lower bowl had entire rows with only a couple of fans in them.

Of course, one of the reasons for the lack of people in the stadium would be the pandemic, however as more and more establishments open, people are not taking any excuses for games to be empty. 

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The comments on the video have been pretty brutal:

“Wow. It looks like there’s actually some people who couldn’t find something better to do. How sad,” one fan replied.

“There’s more people there for a college football game and when monster jam comes to town compared to this Texans game. Hell, there were more people in the Gold Cup (soccer) semi final between Mexico and Canada,” wrote another.

“Still think that’s too many fans,” another fan said.

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It also didn’t help that the Los Angeles Rams are big road favorites against the Houston Texans entering the weekend. SI Sportsbook has L.A. as 16-point favorites as of now.

Now, longtime football fans are wondering if the athletic scene would come back to Texas anytime soon. 

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