PAWS Chicago’s Holiday Adopt-A-Thon features hundreds of adoptable cats and dogs

Right now is a great time to acquire a pet. PAWS Chicago, the largest no-kill shelter in Chicago started its annual Holiday Adopt-A-Thon on Friday.

One of the fortunate ones is a kitten named Misty. After Julie Woertz’s mother passed away, she took in a stray cat to keep her adult cat company.

“She will be overflowing with affection. So, in a sense, I feel like I’m saving her, “Said Woertz.

Due to a rise in the number of animals in need of a home, PAWS Chicago is holding their annual adopt-a-thon, at which they hope to find good homes for hundreds of animals like the kitten.

According to Susanna Wickham, CEO of PAWS Chicago, “a lot of people are giving up dogs, and for us, it seems like in record numbers” because of the uncertain economy in 2022.

We’ve seen a 45% increase in owner surrenders from the previous year and an increase of nearly 50% in the number of senior dogs brought in.

At this event, PAWS hopes to double the number of pets adopted each week after saving them from Chicago Animal Control and 13 other states with high rates of pet euthanasia.

Approximately 200 cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies need to find homes forever.

Adoption costs are capped at $350 for dogs and $150 for cats to provide a safety net for all animals.

Potential adopters are also required to take a “comPETibility” test to ensure a suitable fit.

PAWS provides a safety net for every animal adopted from them, so even if something were to happen to the adopter, the animal would still be taken care of and have a loving home.

Source: ABC7 Chicago

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