Over Ukraine, has Joe Biden gone crazy?

The Ukraine situation seems out of control for Joe Biden. “For the sake of our children and grandchildren, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said in a speech in Warsaw. Putin was also dubbed a butcher by Biden.

It wasn’t long before Biden referred to NATO’s Article 5 as “a sacred commitment” in a meeting with the Polish president. A “sacred place” in European history and in “humanity’s unending search for freedom,” President Biden called Warsaw.



For Biden, the Ukrainian conflict is “a battle between democracy and autocracy, freedom from repression versus the rule of brute force.”

To be fair, Biden’s choice of historical antidotes was a little disingenuous. He used as an analogy the Nazi siege of Leningrad, but he left out the equally brutal Soviet siege of Berlin.

It was also less Churchillian than churlish to slip into a sophomoric ruble and rubble joke. When Biden talked about unity, it begged the question of why he was the only one at the podium. What happened to the leaders of France, Britain, and Germany? It’s not like calling for a coup promotes democracy, is it?

In retrospect, the White House’s subsequent downplaying of Biden’s remarks on regime change only served to highlight how out of touch Joe truly is.

Speaking to U.S. troops on the Ukrainian border, Biden made a series of missteps, saying, “And you’ll notice that when you get to that point,” he said to the troops, “You will see women and young people standing right in the middle of the damn tank.”

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite all of his rhetoric in Warsaw, as far as I can tell, Biden hasn’t talked much about the economy, unemployment, or gas prices, except to say that they are a price that all Americans have to pay for a free Ukraine.

He has also not talked much about Hunter’s laptop, Ketanji Brown Jackson and her nomination hearing, Afghanistan, China, or the Iran nuclear negotiations. Ukraine is a last-ditch effort by a president whose approval rating in the economy has dropped to a record low of 33%.

The dog’s tail was wagging. Again. A month ago, few Americans paid attention to “what’s going on in Ukraine,” but now we’re all on board with the idea that there’s nothing more important than this.

Biden is rousing the American people to a new Crusade by using the term “sacred” twice in one speech, more than the Pope does on a typical day. The goal is “regime change,” as has been the case throughout the Middle East.

If Russia uses nuclear or chemical weapons in non-NATO Ukraine, President Biden and the Kennedy School chorus have threatened retaliation.

A “sacred place” in “humankind’s unending search for freedom,” our new best friend in this Crusade is being transformed into one of the best. The history of Poland’s quest for independence is far from perfect.

There were many Poles who enthusiastically backed the Holocaust during World War II. Just a few weeks ago, the right-wing government in Poland was being compared to that of Donald Trump.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a staunch opponent of sanctions, is a friend of Poland’s. To justify cutting billions in aid to Poland, Europe’s highest court recently ruled that the country had not abided by its obligations to uphold the rule of law.

Poland attended a Defend Europe conference less than a month before the invasion to draw attention away from Putin and toward issues of immigration and demographic decline in Europe as a whole.

In Poland, there are designated areas that are “LGBT-Free.” So, whether or not it is a sacred space, Poland is no angel. It’s the new Pakistan, the recipient of billions in aid and a staging ground for the next war, the latest in a long line of American foreign policy’s paid vassals.

Biden is saber-rattling in an extremely dangerous manner as if no lessons had been learned over the last two decades, and claiming the benefits of a president during wartime without the majority of the war.

He is once again advocating for the overthrow of a foreign government at the behest of the United States. If you’re going to go to war, you might as well go up against the world’s most powerful nation, which has nuclear weapons and a massive conventional army, as well as diplomatic power from the United Nations to India to China to Iran.

Let’s look at the case for Russian regime change in laying out the evidence that Biden has truly lost his mind. A month ago, no one talked about this, which is a sign that Russia’s fundamentals are sound. Ukraine’s current turmoil is unlikely to have a significant impact on the stability of the country’s current government.

Vladimir Putin has been in power since a bloodless coup deposed the more or less pro-Western, Boris Yeltsin, 22 years ago today. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been able to fill the ranks of the military and intelligence services with loyalists for some time now.

Anti-Soviet think tanks and propagandists are the only credible sources for reports of military or intelligence service arrests. How many divisions do the oligarchs own?
To add insult to injury, the possibility of nuclear war is always looming.

If Russia uses nuclear or chemical weapons in the Ukrainian conflict, Biden has drawn a new red line, not just at NATO’s border, but by threatening to respond in kind.

Remembering when we were on the verge of nuclear war because of a Trump Tweet about Rocket Man makes me nostalgic. Late Night would be talking about the 25th Amendment if President Trump had called for regime change in Russia, and they would have some justification for it.

The fact that Biden is so certain he will fail serves as the best evidence that he has no idea what he is doing. If the United States’ new foreign policy objective is regime change, and it is not achieved, then-President Joe Biden has failed.

Why would a rational person risk looking like a wartime president just to look like a failed president by November’s midterm elections? He’s a maniac.

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