Number of Schools in Sacramento No Longer Required to Wear Masks

California has allowed families to choose whether to wear masks at school for the first time in about two years, but some districts still mandate masks, Fox40 report.

One of the small school districts in Northern Sacramento, Robla School District, switched to optional masking at schools like most other districts in the region.

“When the health authorities say that it is safe for people who chose to do so to take off their masks, then I feel like it wasn’t really a difficult decision for the Robla school board to support that,” explained Superintendent Ruben Reyes.

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COVID-19 poses a high risk to the community, which was especially hard hit throughout the pandemic.

They plan to remain vigilant in the coming two months, including offering 10 on-campus vaccine clinics.

California no longer requires masks indoors, except in a few instances. Masks are nevertheless highly recommended.

According to Reyes, the unmasking does not represent a complete return to normal.

“We think coinciding those vaccination clinics, along with the option to unmask, is a way to communicate to our community that we are going to try to provide the resources that they need to make them feel as safe as they can be,” Reyes added.

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