New Ohio Voting Laws Raise Concerns

The Ohio legislature must enact new election legislation in the coming weeks to revolutionise voting.

House Bill 294 would abolish Monday pre-election voting.

Redistributing Voting Hours

Voting-access advocates say the move would disenfranchise those who voted on this day.

“In 2020, 30,000 Ohioans voted, affecting thousands of ballots. Despite a lower participation rate than in 2020, Hamilton County received over 3000 votes, according to campaign manager Greer Aeschbury.

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Aeschbury expects lengthier election day lineups. Bill Seitz, cosponsor, said the Boards of Election sought it.

“For 12 years, the county boards of elections have requested that. Due to their heavy workload on that previous Monday, Ohio State Representative Bill Seitz (R-30) remarked.

The measure tightens absentee ballot request deadlines. The request deadline would be 7 days before Election Day instead of 3.

Opponents claim changing deadlines confuses

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