Mayor Adams: You Are The One Using Immigrants For Political Purposes

Mayor Eric Adams blasts Republican governors for “playing politics” by shipping migrants to New York and elsewhere. Still, he refuses to criticize fellow Democrats or President Joe Biden for doing the same. Who is “playing politics,” Mr. Mayor?

“For [Florida’s] governor to send immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard without any coordination is just creating a real crisis,” Adams rages, labeling Ron DeSantis’ decision a “political ploy.” The Republican Party has “created a blueprint everyone is beginning to follow.”

Adams also accuses Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of being “anti-American” for busing migrants to the state. Abbott and his colleagues believe that “the politics of treating people inhumanely… is the best way to handle” the migrant crisis, he charged on Sunday.

However, as The Washington Post has reported, Hizzoner will not object to Biden flying migrants to New York. Alternatively, condemn private charities and churches. Such as those in San Antonio, Texas, who pay migrants‘ bus fares to come here.

Migrants- Political View

Southern governors have dispatched buses carrying migrants to major cities such as New York City, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser thanked Adams last week for agreeing to “welcome” up to 200 migrants per day from his city. Why criticize Abbott for sending migrants while agreeing to accept them with Leeser? One is a Republican, while the other is a Democrat.

Adams did not make such a deal, according to Hizzoner’s spokesman. Despite this, the mayor has yet to condemn Leeser, who began busing migrants here last month. Instead, he boasts about being “able to communicate” with him. When asked if the legal action he’s considering against Texas would include El Paso, Adams lied, saying, “We’re looking at all our legal options.”

Adams will not even be mildly critical of Biden’s open-border policies, which created the migrant nightmare. Since Biden took office and reversed every Trump border-control measure, a record 4 million people have entered the country.

Adams, according to Abbott, “is flat-out lying and selectively attacking Texas’ busing operation, while conveniently ignoring migrants” bused in by Leeser and flown in by Biden. He also mentions that migrants on Texas buses “willingly” choose to travel to New York, where they can “disembark” at various stops.

Thousands of Migrants are Bused

“Rather than complaining about a couple thousand migrants being bused into his self-proclaimed sanctuary city. He is using these migrants for political attacks. Mayor Adams should call on President Biden to take immediate action to secure the border,” Abbott says.
Meanwhile, self-proclaimed “sanctuaries” such as Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard send migrants home as soon as they arrive.

It has prompted former Gov. David Paterson (D) to recall how “progressives” during the “integration movement” did not want blacks and Hispanics in their neighborhoods.

At the very least, Adams admits to a “crisis.” And, yes, there is a lot of politics involved. However, most of it comes from Democrats, including Hizzoner himself.

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