Julia Fox Has Some Surprising Parenting Advises

It was said that Julia tied the knot with Peter Artemiev, a private pilot located in Brooklyn, in the month of November 2018.

Even while not much is known about how the couple first met, it is known that they had a kid together called Valentino, who was born in January 2021, after they had already divorced. (According to Us, the two put the finishing touches on their divorce in July of 2020.)

After Julia removed all of their images together from her Instagram profile in the middle of 2020, the public began to speculate about her private connection with her partner.

In a May 2020 interview with GQ magazine, she said unequivocally that the couple had “split.” Julia added, “Although we get along well, we don’t date each other.

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He is still a buddy of mine. There’s no doubt in my mind that he would want it to be more, but that’s not going to happen. “

In spite of this, Julia dragged her ex-husband to the press in December of 2021, calling him a “deadbeat parent” and saying that he “deliberately got [her] pregnant.”

Julia’s allegations were not true. She wrote, as reported by The Sun, “He (Artemiev) absolutely, positively, and on purpose got me pregnant. It really is a gift. That makes me very pleased. It is not anything I would alter. “

In addition, Julia published an image of Artemiev with the remark “Have you seen this slacker father?” and added, “I simply don’t want my kid to go fucked up because he thinks his dad was absent or liked booze and partying more than he did.”

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“This guy abandoned me when my son was just 5 months old, leaving me with a dog, a house, and ALL OF THE BILLS. It is not correct!!! It’s not even close!!!”

In response to Julia’s rage on Instagram, Peter sent a statement to Page Six in which he categorically refuted the allegations made against him.

Peter disclosed the following to the media outlet: “When I found out that my co-parent, Julia Fox, who is obviously going through a difficult time, had posted completely false things on social media, it made me feel sorry. I will not say any more so as not to invade her privacy and so that I can keep our kid safe. “

Julia Fox’s Parenting Advice on TikTok

So, tell me, what’s it like to have Julia as a parent? During the month of August 2022, she shared on TikTok some insightful advice on parenting.

In the video, she expressed her opinion that she believed the concept of childhood was created with the intention of convincing parents to “spend a lot of money on stuff that’s not actually teaching their kids anything.”

She added that her kid “doesn’t care about his toys” and that he is more interested in what she is doing than in his own playthings.

Having said that, she is already working toward the goal of his being an independent adult.

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