J.B. Pritzker Celebrates Election Victory-“I Won’t Let You Down”

After turning back a challenge from conservative state Sen. Darren Bailey, Governor J.B. Pritzker is on track to win a second term Tuesday thanks to strong support from the suburbs.

By Tuesday night’s end, unofficial results showed that Democrat J.B. Pritzker had received 55 percent of the vote against Republican Tom Bailey’s 42 percent. Pritzker remarked in Chicago, “I’m grateful tonight.” “Thanks to Illinois’s long history of free and fair elections, I’m honored to serve as governor for another four years. No, I won’t fail to come through for you.”

When considering whether or not to seek reelection, Pritzker said he asked himself “whether I was ready for the fight again, since this is a moment demanding a steel spine for years ahead as our nation’s fundamental beliefs are under threat.” Bailey said he had contacted Pritzker to “congratulate him on his win tonight.”

And until all the votes are tabulated, a miracle is possible, Bailey remarked. “But as far as we can tell, things didn’t go as planned. God has nevertheless blessed us abundantly.”
Pritzker has stated that he is not interested in the presidency.

When standing in line to vote at the Helen Plum Library in Lombard, Lorraine Gluth referred to herself as an “A satisfied voter for Bailey.” “Bailey is” “someone else with another plan. Yes, I agree that a shift is necessary. “The words came from her mouth. While all was happening, Martin Stark decided to accept the Pritzker Award.

Pritzker did a great job handling the COVID crisis

“As far as I’m concerned, he did a great job handling the COVID crisis. It appears that everything is progressing smoothly. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is the kind of voter I am.” Bailey was in a six-way primary contest on June 28, whereas Pritzker had it easy.

However, the unwavering conservatism of his campaign and Trump’s endorsement helped him win the election with 57.5% of the vote among Republican primary voters. After spending the primary campaign supporting moderate Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin, many establishment Republicans and megadonors like hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin stayed on the sidelines for Bailey’s victory.

Considering that Pritzker, heir to the Hyatt hotel chain, could throw millions into Bailey’s race, Bailey was at a severe financial disadvantage in a blue state. Marion resident and libertarian Scott Schluter received 2.8% of the vote.

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