Hackers Target US Microchip Powerhouse Nvidia in a Cyber Attack

According to The Telegraph, Nvidia’s email systems and developer tools have been affected by a possible cyber-attack.

An anonymous attacker has “totally hacked” the company’s internal systems, according to a report from a British news site. However, certain email services were still operating on Friday.

If the disruption is connected to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we don’t know yet.

Warnings have been sent to businesses worldwide to prepare for possible assaults as Russia continues its incursion into Ukraine.

“We have no information to imply a specific significant cyber threat against the US homeland,” Alejandro Mayorkas, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, said earlier this week. “But it is our obligation to be prepared.”

As a result of worldwide regulatory scrutiny, Nvidia recently abandoned its intended $40 billion acquisition of British semiconductor manufacturer Arm.

Friday’s trading saw Nvidia’s shares rise slightly to $237.85 per share.

“We are investigating an issue,” an Nvidia official told the Telegraph in a statement. At this time, we are unable to provide any further details.

Seeking Alpha’s request for comment was not immediately answered by Nvidia.

Nvidia has been hit by a potential cyber-attack that has impacted the company’s email systems and developer tools, according to The Telegraph.

The British news outlet noted that the suspected hack, from an unidentified attacker, has “completely compromised” the company’s internal systems, though it added some of its email services were operational on Friday.

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It is unclear at this time if the outage is linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Companies around the world, including those in the U.S., have been warned to prepare for potential attacks as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, said, “We have no information to suggest a specific credible cyber threat against the US homeland, but it is our responsibility to be prepared.”

Nvidia recently abandoned its proposed $40 billion acquisition of British semiconductor firm Arm amid regulatory scrutiny around the world.

Nvidia shares were fractionally higher on Friday, changing hands at $237.85.

In a statement, an Nvidia spokesman told the Telegraph: “We are investigating an incident. We don’t have any additional information to share at this time.”

Nvidia did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Seeking Alpha.

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