German Shepherd Left Outside Dry and Dying For 3 Days

A dog is called man’s best friend for a reason. The general perception of dogs is that they are loyal to their owners, happy-go-lucky, and provide joy to their owners.

With that said, there are some dog owners who believe in tying up their dogs with remorse. According to the American Humane Society, this can involve “fastening a dog to a stationary object and leaving them unattended.” Tethering and chaining are other terms for this practice. Some people practice this, while others reject it completely.

A recent online post highlighted this type of situation, in which a woman returned home after a 3-day business trip only to find that her husband had left her German Shepherd outside for the duration of their trip, Newsbreak report.

Tragedic Trip

A Reddit post from March 13th, which was covered by Rebecca Flood via Newsweek, garnered almost 900 comments and 4,300 upvotes.

In her post, the author explains that she recently had to go on a business trip and could not find anyone to care for her German Shepherd, Leo. Her husband initially refused to look after the dog but later agreed. The woman adds that her husband has been out of a job for a while now, so he is at home most of the time.

According to the husband, the main reason for not watching Leo was that he wasn’t sure how to take care of him.

In response, the wife said that she had already taught her husband how to care for the dog and that it wasn’t like she was leaving him a baby. During the trip, she got suspicious when her husband made excuses for why Leo wasn’t there when she would video call him on multiple occasions. Usually, he claimed that Leo had fallen asleep or was in another room.

Upon discovering that her dog was tied up outside looking extremely stressed and confused, the wife decided to come home early. Her husband claimed the dog had only been tied up for an hour when confronted by his wife. But the husband didn’t know his wife had left the security camera running, and when his wife discovered that her dog had been left outdoors for days, she was horrified.

In the very state she found her dog, Leo, she took a picture of him, tied up outside and unable to move much.

Image credit: Careless-Track7897 on Reddit

Tethering a Dog holds Extreme Health Risk.

Tethering dogs can present many problems and risks, according to the American Humane Society. Dogs can suffer from sore necks, insect bites, strangulation, and exposure to elements that are damaging to their health.

Rebecca concludes her post by calling her husband cruel and awful, stating that she absolutely lost it on him. Although the husband tried to explain, he broke down and cried. For keeping her dog tied outside and making him feel unloved and isolated, she called him neglectful, irresponsible, a liar, and absolutely cruel.

After Rebecca’s husband went to stay with a friend. This caused the wife to receive a call from her mother-in-law blaming her for making her son cry. However, the wife maintained that she could have relied on her spouse, but instead he mistreated their dog.

How do you feel about this? When the wife asked her husband to watch her dog while she was away on business, did she ask too much of him? Is it undeniable that the husband abused and neglected their pet in a way that warrants legal action?

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