Expert Advice: How to Finance Debt with Low Budget and Still Go Out on Date

By living on a budget, according to Eastidaho, we hope to get control of our finances. Imagine someone has $18,000 in debt to pay off. While his eight-month-old baby is being cared for by his partner, he brings home $3,400 a month.

Let’s say both partners decide they want a date night once a month, and they set aside $200 for this purpose. One can assume such an amount seems excessive under their present circumstances. Do you also agree?

Considering the above circumstances, I’d say it’s okay to go out and enjoy yourself if you make $150,000 a year. Although I’d put a brake on that level of debt if I had that income ($3,400) and debt on top. A person like that appears to be looking for an outlet for unwinding and having a little fun without taking the bigger picture too seriously.

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At the moment, my recommendation would be to lower the dining amount to about $50. This is enough for a reasonable dinner and a couple of hours of babysitting. Moreover, if you have family or friends nearby, you may not need to consider babysitting expenses at all.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a date. Taking part in activities like hiking and picnicking are great ways to spend quality time together, while still keeping your wallet in your pocket. You need to find ways to have a little together time on a regular basis, so be creative when it comes to that.

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