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Employees to be Removed if Unvaccinated Starting November 28

As per the Biden administration’s new vaccine mandates, several companies are now saying that their employees will be banned if they fail to comply with vaccination requirements.

On Oct. 14, the Navy released new guidance setting a timeline for removing members who are refusing the COVID vaccine. The Navy first announced its vaccination mandate in late August, after the Pentagon issued new vaccination requirements for all U.S. military departments. All service members were given 90 days to comply.

Under the new guidance, all active-duty sailors must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 28. Those in the selected reserve have until Dec. 28. Any sailor not fully vaccinated by these dates will face discharge from the Navy.

According to the guidance, those removed from the Navy for refusing the vaccine could receive a general discharge under honorable conditions, which could result in the loss of some veterans’ benefits.

“Tragically, there have been 164 deaths within the Navy family due to COVID-19, far exceeding the combined total of all other health or mishap related injuries and deaths over the same time period,” John B. Nowell Jr., the Chief of Naval Personnel, said in a statement.

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He added that 144 of those individuals were not vaccinated, while the vaccination status of the other 20 is still unknown.

Airlines have also embraced the vaccination mandates. 

“We have consistently advocated that all American Airlines team members—and all eligible individuals around the world—should get vaccinated, and we appreciate the tens of thousands of team members who did so during our incentive program,” American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom said in a letter to employees. “It is clear that team members who choose to remain unvaccinated will not be able to work at American Airlines.”

Businesses have already previously enacted proof of vaccination requirements, especially in indoor dining places. 

Customers are allowed to submit exemptions for religious or medical reasons, but businesses must require those customers to use outdoor facilities or show evidence of a recent negative COVID test if no outdoor facilities are available, according to the Los Angeles Times. If you have no proof of vaccination or exemption, you are only allowed to enter indoor spaces briefly to use the restroom or pick up an order, per the new ordinance.

Fines for defying the vaccine mandate will start being enacted on Nov. 29. According to the ordinance, the first violation will warrant a warning, while the second and third violations will come with a $1,000 fine, and subsequent violations will result in a $5,000 penalty.

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  1. This is utterly ridiculous. How can you mandate vaccinations. It’s our right and our body we have to choose if we want this vaccine. I hope this gets overturned because businesses will suffer

    • It’s not about YOU getting sick, it’s about the potential for you to transmit it to others, even if you’re asymptomatic. Can’t believe that some don’t understand that, given the wealth of articles explaining how it spreads.

      • But no one knows the long term of these vaccinations! What ARE we putting in our bodies? And more importantly, WHY ISN’T CONGRESS MANDATED TO BE VACCINATED JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE???? Get these Dems out of office – they are turning the USA into a socialist country – can’t you see that???

      • You do know if you are vaccinated you can still get it, transmit it and oh yeah die from it. Not a very smart comment that you made.

      • You can still fucking spread it regardless of your vaccination status. Still can’t believe people aren’t understanding this, given the wealth of people who are vaccinated and still catching, spreading, and dying from covid 🙄

      • That’s Bullshit. How can I give you something I don’t have that you’ve been immunized against?? The vaccines don’t work and their in stage 3 clinical trials anyway. You’re their lab rats

  2. This whole mandate thing is totally ridiculous!
    Let people work and get on with their lives! When the president doesn’t have to follow the rules nobody else should have to!

  3. What is wrong with this president that wants to mandate thr vaccinations. Its crazy. Trying to control us.. this is supposed to be a free country. People are working to support their families.

  4. SO
    You can come into this country, as an illegal alien, with out getting the COVID shot or showing proof of getting the shot and be released into the general population, receiving free housing, medical, etc.
    If you are a legal citizen and you decline to get the shot, you will be criminalized and have successfully great fines imposed upon you.

    • The sad thng about the illegal immigrants is that they are not only bringing covid but many other diseases. But that’s OK. Its American working communities that is being punished.

  5. This is ss nazi tactics. They are following hiltlers path to power exactly. This shot does not prevent you from catch covid nor does is prevent one from spreading covid. This is about fear and getting control and people to be obedient and make government master! People we are the power the government works for us not us for them! Stop the abuse of power and say enough is enough and take back our country! This is unconstitutional never before in history has there been such blatant disregard for the rule of law in the United States!!! There is a 99.7% survival rate there is nothing to be afraid of here we have gone through corona viruss every year but we called it the flu .

    • I’m completely disgusted even though I got the vaccine on my own. But to push people to do it and now a fine! Cannot believe it. Welcome to communism.

    • You are so right! They don’t want people to know that this is not even a vaccine. It injects spike protein into your body that effects all your organs starting with the cardiovascular system. They also will not publish all of the injuries and deaths caused by this jab. It can even cause children to become sterile. It is very toxic. It’s all about government control.

  6. This is the United states of America. You vaccine pushers should leave us people whom do not want it alone. Our freedoms are being taken away. Read the Constitution or Declaration of Independence.

  7. Its is about time. The US is far behind our European allies. Every American should be willing to be vaccinated to protect each other. It is the human thing to do.

  8. What is wrong with you people? The vaccinated are still getting Covid. Let people make their own decisions about their body. The vaccinated are giving it to people also. I know many who have been vaccinated who have had Covid and they are just as contagious as the unvaccinated ones. If people choose to not get the vaccine so be it. Just like the flu vaccine everyone should have a choice. You will lose some great employees.

  9. This is bull shit out of control trying to control people hard working families what is wrong with the people and the president shame on you! We r free in America and can make r own decisions! Enough is enough people have the right to choose it is illegal what u r trying to do ! When covid happened when it’s been around for ever just changes name what about the hero’s who worked with the dying and covid people there were no vaccine then and the hero’s did just fine just like us people we do just fine so stop the threat and bullshit because u want power and leave people alone

  10. We are the Borg Restistance is futile. Why are they trying to turn us into good little drones. This what happened in the 1930’s in Nazi Germany. Absolutley shameful that this is happening in the free world.

  11. Noone can force people that’s not fair. Everyone has their own opinion about this vaccine . If we did that die cos of that r u gonna give my kids money… if I’m gonna die I will die in a good cause not cos of that vaccine..

  12. Even the CDC admits the vaccination doesn’t stop you from getting COVID. The government has not been granted this power by the people. Freedom of choice is more important than safety. Let the people decide for themselves.

  13. So our economy will only suffer more than it already has started to… mandating any thing is crazy! I guess we should all go and panic buy at the stores b/c even though I’m vaccinated I don’t believe any of this is fair and I don’t show my children’s immunization cards to go inside a store!!! So now even less opportunity in this supposedly “free country”! No workers no product no America

  14. I think this Mandate is bullshit,Are they going to sign a waiver and pay people that have a reaction,or die because of it.Now their saying there is going to be a huge drop in Covid patients,and less people in hosp.How do they know that?Because it is BULLSHIT.People got the flu,or a heart attack,and they say its Covid.IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL.The Nurse took care of the sick and wasn’t vaccinated and are still here,but know you guys want to fire people that won’t take it.BULLSHIT,BULLSHIT.

  15. Isn’t this about the same as rape it’s against your will your being “Mandated” to do something to your body YOUR BODY. THATS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I got the vaccine and would advise others NOT TO GET THE VACCINE. It changes everything. I feel good most days but I’m watching what it’s doing to my diabetic husband I have never seen my husband take so many naps as he does now. It has zapped his energy a lot. Lots of stomach issues now also.

  16. Fuck biden and his whole administration! There needs to be a call to arms and the American people need to put a stop to this and let the government know that they can under no circumstances run our lives in any way shape or form!

  17. With freedom and rights come responsibilities. Get vaccinated for other people even if you don’t care about your own life or family

  18. These people do not listen. They would not care if they lost 3/4 of Americans to future complications. I pray harm does come to the politicans pushing this to every American. I pray that nothing happens to the Americans civilians. These politicans only care about themselves. I won’t be working. Thankyou. I dont trust the covid shot because last time i did trust the Army’s fast vaccine was the Anthrax shot and 5 years later I get crohns disease and I have suffered 20 years everyday. God bless you Americans.

  19. These people do not listen. They would not care if they lost 3/4 of Americans to future complications. I pray harm does come to the politicans pushing this to every American. I pray that nothing happens to the Americans civilians. These politicans only care about themselves. I won’t be working. Thankyou. I dont trust the covid shot because last time i did trust the Army’s fast vaccine was the Anthrax shot and 5 years later I get crohns disease and I have suffered 20 years everyday. God bless you Americans

  20. One thing for sure is that puppet Biden will never be re-elected. He basically hing himself as the worst President ever to be in office and the most hated man on the planet. Good job sleepy Joe.

  21. The original push for the vaccine was to stop transmission. We now know that the vaccine does NOT stop transmission…not even slightly. So why the push still? What is the end game? As a nurse, I will always advocate for my patient and inform them with all available info to enable them to make the best possible decision for their healthcare. And if they decide against being vaccinated, NO still means NO!!!!

  22. It is OUR right to decline this damn Vaccination just like it is your right to get vaccinated. But how dare anyone especially our president whom is supposed to uphold and HONOR OUR Constitutional Rights mandate that we inject their trial drug into our bodies. Wth is wrong with people protect the vaccinated??? Hellloooo you CAN still get Covid-19 with the vaccination so obviously it’s not really a great vaccination now is it?!? It’s more like the Medication they give you if you get the Influenza A flu and catch it within the first 24/48 hours to lessen the symptoms right but doesn’t cure nor prevent. That’s exactly what is wrong with this damn world any more so many damn followers not enough leaders! People who stand up for what they believe in people who don’t just do what someone else suggests or gives them incentives for. Read the news people who have been vaccinated have been diagnosed with Covid and yes it was just as bad and/or deadly but they will say “oh they sneezed and that’s why the vaccine wasn’t as affective”! The bottom line is if you choose to get vaccinated good for you, but if we choose which that is our right to make the choice NOT to get Vaccinated then leaves us the hell alone! This is another way to segregate the country now it’s Vaccinated-VS-Unvaccinated. And think of what you are saying when you say protect you vaccinated people 🤔🤔 I thought that was the whole reason for the shot you received ….or series of shots you received?!?! That vaccine should “PROTECT “ you vaccinated people! #WAKEUP

    • Well said !! And let’s disable out Navy , Army , and travel so they can completely shut down our Nation!!! What happened to our Freedom on this country ?

    • I totally agree with you!!! I chose to get vaccinated even after I got Covid twice because I have stage 4 breast cancer so my immune system is weaker. HOWEVER my 23 year old daughter is choosing not to because of the uncertainty of future side effects. I respect her decision 100% and like you said vaccinated people are STILL getting Covid and are very sick not mild cases. The people choosing not to are because of their own well being not because they don’t care about others, my daughter still wears her mask and follows the CDC Guidelines and guess what she’s Covid free. She is sick to her stomach and scared that she will be forced to and has total respect for those who chose to get it, she deserves that same respect for choosing not too.

      Sooooo until they can guarantee you will not get Covid once vaccinated and future side effects will not impact your reproductive and neurological system STOP ACTING LIKE A COMMUNISM COUNTRY PLEASE!!!! What will be next we can’t have children anymore until Covid is gone the list can and will go on once we allow this.

      Let’s all respect each other’s choices and not allow the Government to dictate what is right for us individually when there is no clear cure or 100% effective vaccine.

      God Bless you all for whatever choice you make and I pray for health and unity for our Country!


  23. This is ridiculous and wrong people who don’t want to get vaccine shouldn’t have to!!! And the men and women who have served our country with their lives shouldn’t be treated like this. Biden needs impeached!

  24. Joe Biden is not for America , he follows extreme leftist nuts who are hell bent on destroying our country, divided we fall.vaxed and unvaccinated have to stand together is the only way to stop this tyranny

  25. This is unconstitutional and against our right. My body, my choice. Pretty soon there will be no doctors, nurses, military, truck drivers or workers. Then what the hell are they going to do. Wait Biden will figure all this out just like he has everything else. No wonder this world is going hell. Stay strong Americans and stand up for your rights.

  26. That’s cute to me. Y’all let people control your life like that, just so easy to roll over because your scared internally huh. Mark these anonymous words US Government. I will not get the vaccine. I’m not retarded blind uneducated fool like the people getting the vaccine who are just so focused on what they are being told and shown that they don’t open their wires and watch from afar what really is happening. Typical (Americans). Ill give you a special shot I made myself if y’all keep at this shit. And this is pointed at the bureau to. None of y’all slick. When civil war II happens I hope everyone continues to stand by what they truly believe.

  27. This is crap. What happen to people’s civil rights and the right to choose. I am so glad I have my own business because nobody can require me to do something that goes what is best for me.


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