Disabled veterans expelled from Cypress home, despite qualifying for rental assistance

Two disabled veterans were expelled from their Cypress house despite permitting rental comfort, leaving them no place to move forward for the vacations.

The property administration firm for The Estates at Cypress apartments stated the pair was rearward on rent by more than $12,000, so an analyst provided the go forward for removal.

The Denhams forgot that day in court because they were ill and had paid rent replacement schedules at the end of this year. Yet, none of that counted when a constable and removal team offered up at their door.

Steven Denham Sr. could not describe his path out of being expelled Thursday morning. His house security method illustrated Disrupt Management’s group pitching his controls and making offensive comments as they set his destroyed belongings in black sacks.

“This is just bad. Half of these things are my mom’s, who gave away a few years back,” Denham stated.

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Denham stated he and his neighbors even had to explore via all of his belongings to see the therapy his wife based on.

“Diabetes. Mental problems. She shouldn’t be running via this right now,” Denham stated.

Brynn Rodriguez, who even lives at the complex, is one of many neighbors who teamed jointly to support Denham type and keep his belongings. She stated he is usually the one supporting other people.

“This is not how you feast a human in public, an older individual in public, or a veteran in public. Where is the empathy?” Rodriguez stated.

When questioned regarding what occurred, Disrupt Management’s provincial leader, Lori Boyd, stated, “We obtained information of the support of funds from Texas Rent Relief but did not accept the existing funds until after the residence was awarded via the courts.”

Boyd even stated the team could be subject to penalty depending on the content in the safety videos.

It was small consolation for Denham, who is currently depending on the compassion of his retired neighbors.

“We all stretched cash together to show them to place them in a motel. His wife is yet there. They have no location to go. They have no family here,” Rodriguez stated.

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“It’s been a God-send. I didn’t understand I had this multiple person that cared regarding me,” Denham stated.

Rodriguez began a GoFundMe statement for the Denhams. They’re requesting donations until they can see permanent housing.

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