Deputy Attacked During Well-Being Check in Lake County

A Lake County sheriff’s deputy was hospitalized on Sunday morning after being attacked during a regular well-being check in unincorporated Lake Zurich.

Authorities responded to a call expressing concern for residents in a property on North High Ridge Drive who were without utilities due to the freezing temperatures.

Man attacks Lake County sheriff’s deputy during well-being check, authorities say:

Trouble Starts When Deputy Gets There

When the deputy arrived, the people in the house were upset and didn’t want help. Things got worse when a 30-year-old man threw something at the deputy. She managed not to get hit, but she fell down in the snow.

Struggle Ends in Arrest: Deputy and Suspect Hospitalized

The man didn’t stop there, he started hitting the deputy. Other deputies had to step in, but even a tazer didn’t work at first.

They finally got the man under control, but not before he spat on the deputies. The hurt deputy went to the hospital and is okay now.

The man, who talked about hurting himself, is also in the hospital. The sheriff’s office is looking into the incident with the State’s Attorney’s Office and plans to arrest the man.

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