Democracies are Declining in Half of the World, and the U.S Comes in the Nations with Most Severe Democratic Erosion

From rising food and energy prices to the threat of nuclear war and the rapid worsening of climate disasters, the world is facing several serious problems. The Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) concluded in its 2022 report that democracy was in decline.

Simultaneously, we witness a collapse in democratic institutions around the world. Combined, they are extremely dangerous. “Consequently, it was added. More than a hundred factors, such as the right to free speech and protecting one’s privacy and physical safety, were factored into the IDEA’s final determination.”

It went on to say that many countries, including Poland, Hungary, and the United States, were among those “backsliding,” a phrase for countries with the most severe democratic deterioration.

Sixty percent of Europe’s democracies have declined during the past five years. Yet, in light of recent Russian aggression and that of other nations, democratic norms and institutions are being recognized as a critical bulwark.

There are many threats to democracy

“Europe has been jolted by Russia’s campaign of aggression in Ukraine, causing countries in the region to reevaluate their approach to regional security and prepare for looming food and energy problems,” “so says the report.

It went on to say that corruption, the growth of radical right-wing parties, threats to the credibility of election results, and curbs on internet freedoms and liberties are all threats to democracy.

Never before has it been so critical for democracies to respond, to demonstrate to their constituents that they can create novel social contracts that unite rather than divide, “That was an extra thing that came out of it. It found that during the past six years, the number of countries trending toward authoritarianism was more significant than twice that of those trending toward democracy.

Despite this, many African countries like Gambia, Niger, and Zambia made strides toward greater democracy, and the continent as a whole managed to weather the storm of recent turmoil.


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