COVID-19: Unvaccinated People Expected To Be Reinfected Again with Coronavirus Every 16-17 Months

New analysis shows that people who are not vaccinated could get a new vaccine every 16 months on average.

A recent study at the Yale School of Public Health in Connecticut, US, found that natural immunity to viruses lasts for a long time. The study looked at people who were close relatives of the virus that causes COVID-19. It showed that unvaccinated individuals may be immune to infection for a long time.

The researchers found that COVID is becoming more common. This is because the immunity against it wanes. If there were no vaccines and no infection prevention measures, such as masking or social distancing, then people with this disease would get it every three months to five years.

In a model where everyone has either been infected or vaccinated, people who have not been vaccinated will get the virus again every 16-17 months.

“Our findings are based on broad averages of declining immunity across several infected persons,” Yale Daily News reported Hayley Hassler as saying.

“Immunity may exist, however it is unpredictable and varies from patient to patient. ” “Any one of those individuals might have a longer or shorter duration of immunity depending on their immune condition, cross-immunity, age, and a variety of other elements.”

People are catching SARS-CoV-2 for a second, or even a third time, in the wake of the virus epidemic in England.

Scientists in the UK are now calling for the vaccination program to be made bigger. The number of doses that people get can change. This is because there are more worries about infections that might affect the National Health Service (NHS).

People can get the first and second doses of a COVID-19 vaccine if they’re 18 or older, or will turn 18 in the next three months. People younger than 18 years old can only get the first dose for now, but may be able to get a second dose if they are at high risk of infection.

Stephen Griffin, an associate professor of virology at the University of Leeds, told The Guardian that high-level prevalence and frequent exposure to the virus in schools could cause more people to get reinfected.

Last year, it was unlikely that people would get reinfected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. But new research says that people who have been vaccinated will lose their immunity over time.

This month, a group of doctors published data showing that the effectiveness of the only COVID-19 vaccine currently available in New Zealand went from 88% to 47% six months after the second dose.

Even against the highly transmissible Delta variant, the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing hospitalisation and mortality appeared to be high for at least six months, according to a new study.

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