Charges Filed Against Stockton Serial Killings Suspect

This past weekend, authorities in Stockton, California, caught an alleged serial murderer while he was “out hunting” for another victim. Wesley Brownlee, a 43-year-old Stockton resident and the suspect, was apprehended while driving early on Saturday, according to Stockton police chief Stanley McFadden.

On Tuesday, three counts of murder were filed against Brownlee. These three murders are among the six that police attribute to a serial killer. The murders happened between April 2021 and September 27 of this year.

Police say that after receiving tips, authorities targeted Brownlee and followed him while driving. The chief said that patterns were consistent with some of the patterns that they had seen around parks, around dark places, stopping, looking around, moving again.

McFadden said in a statement that the suspect was on a mission to kill. He was out hunting. He was covered in dark apparel and had a mask around his neck when police first came into contact with him. When he was hauled into prison, he was also carrying a gun. Officers feel confident that they were able to avoid another killing. In addition, Brownlee is accused of possessing a firearm and ammunition as a felon.

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