California Stimulus Updates: Next Checks Coming on October 31

This COVID 19 pandemic has also hit the economy of the top countries of the world. People lost their jobs and faced a financial crisis. It was even harder for some to meet the daily needs of their families or pay their rentals. So, to help the people, the US government started sending stimulus checks to their residents to meet their end-to-end needs.

The federal government announced that it would send stimulus checks to individuals worth $1200-$1400 for low-income families only. Now they have stopped this policy as the country’s economy is stable. However, it is upto the state government to issue stimulus checks to the individuals who actually need help, even after the pandemic. So, California is also one of the states following the same for its residents. 

The state government knows the ground reality where a few people are still facing issues with meeting the ends for daily needs. So, they continue to issue stimulus checks. However, they have opted for a few more benefit programs for them as well. The California Franchise Tax Board Anticipates that Golden State stimulus payments will clear the pending dues for all till October 31. 

For residents of California, who are eligible and yet to receive their payment for a stimulus check, can expect it before Halloween. The state government either issue checks directly to the applicant’s mailbox or sends money directly to their bank account. They will send money through your selected method while filing your tax return.

As per the California Franchise Tax Board, they will clear most of the payments due between September 1 to October 31. If still anyone is pending, then that will be due to the time taken to process a few payments as they need more attention for completeness and accuracy.


Who is eligible for Golden State Stimulus II?

The California state government has mentioned four major criteria for the second round of issuance of stimulus checks. Let’s go through it: – 

  • Your income must be between 0-75,000; however, the government would have adjusted it to 1-75,000 dollars in the last fiscal year.
  • You must be staying in California for more than 6 months in the year 2020.
  • You must be staying in California while distributing payment of stimulus checks.
  • You must not be filed as dependent on someone during the last filing of your tax return.

If you comply with all the conditions mentioned above, then you don’t have to do anything or register yourself anywhere. Your state government will automatically send your stimulus checks as per your tax return filed in 2020.

However, if you are not sure about your eligibility, then the government has provided a tool for checking that is the Golden State Stimulus II estimator

How much are the latest California stimulus checks?

As per the California State government’s latest announcement, an individual can claim between $600 to $1,100. However, the amount will be based on the criteria mentioned by the government to calculate the amount. Let’s check a few mentioned below: – 

  • If you have already claimed the first stimulus check and mentioned a single dependent in 2020, you will only get an additional $500 for your dependent along with your stimulus check payment.
  • The second case is if you did not qualify for the first round and haven’t mentioned any dependents in 2020, you will only get $600.
  • The third case is if you did not qualify for the first round, mentioned your dependents while filing a return in 2020, then you will only get $1,100.
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