California Police Starts Search for Two-year-old Boy in Stolen Car

When a car was stolen in California, police are looking for a two-year-old kid who was in the vehicle.

The 2008 Buick Enclave was stolen when the owner, Jacob Jardine’s mother, was unloading groceries early on Sunday morning, according to police.

When the car was taken from Sunnyvale, a suburb of San Francisco, the burglar had no idea there was a youngster inside.

Amber alerts have been put out by the California Highway Patrol following the theft of a vehicle from a parking lot in San Francisco’s Mission District.

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Jacob is described as being 3 feet tall, 25 pounds, with red hair, and a white hooded sweater.

In addition to Georgia paper licence plates, the stolen car has a spare tyre on the right front wheel, as well as a lamp and taillight sticking out of the left side of the vehicle’s rear windshield, with a blue placard reading “Baby on Board”.

Luong “Tammy” Huynh, 29, is being sought by police as a possible lead in the search for Jardine.

As of this moment, “Tammy” Luong Huynh, 29, is still missing. We would really appreciate it if Tammy has information that might lead us to Jacob Jardine. Sunnyvale DPS has urged anybody who knows Tammy or has recently spoken to her to contact them immediately.

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