California High School: Siblings banned for not wearing masks

The United States is reporting over 100,000 cases daily. This includes close to 15,000 covid cases from the state of California.

So, to limit the further spread of Covid-19 cases, the California health department had set up strict mandates for its citizens.

Now, in a California high school, two students have been asked to return home and stay away from campus.

This high school was forced to do this as the two students refused to wear masks around the school parameter.

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After this action by the school authorities, the father of these two students Gary Nelson had to say this on what the school authorities have done:

“The Bible says we’re made in the image of God and Satan tries to cover that up. A mask is a sign of oppression,” “If it was Muslim, Jewish or something of a more high-profile minority religion in this country, yes, they would have accommodated … just to say they weren’t discriminating based on that religion. But they feel safe because it’s Christianity.”

According to a Fox News report, the siblings believed their decision would fall under a religious exemption. Even though they didn’t make any formal request to the district or school.

According to Mr. Nelson, when his children arrived at school, they were sent to the principal office. However, the principal was not there in the room. So, his daughter Victoria returned to the classroom without wearing a mask.

Then as she arrived in the class, the teacher immediately evacuated the room and called the police.

The two siblings were sent back home and instructed to return to the campus only when they’re wearing masks.

Upon their arrival, Mr. Nelson received a letter from Principal Rebecca Fabozzi of California High School.

In the letter, she wrote: “Each of your students refused to comply with the CDPH mask mandate for public schools. When asked by staff to wear a face covering, your students refused to comply.”

“When asked to leave the school premises and continue the day on home independent study, your student refused to leave the campus. Our resource officer arrived, and your student was directed to leave campus.”

What’s your take on this. Should the children be allowed to sit in the classroom on religious grounds?

Do share your thoughts in the comments section given below.

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