Big Rare Snake Found in California Man’s Couch

A seven-foot-long Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake was found curled up on a couch in California.

Snake removal expert Alex Trejo operates his own business. It was the homeowner’s panicked call for So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal that led to their arrival at the Lakeside, San Diego house, KGTV reported.


A Rolex watch would be more likely to be found on the ground than a snake-like this, he said on a local television station.

In eastern and southeastern Asia, this snake is known as the cave racer snake. Tropical woods and caverns are its preferred habitats, and it may grow to a length of eight feet. Trejo was baffled as to how the snake ended up coiled up on the couch despite the fact that it had clearly escaped from its owner.

Newsweek quoted Trejo as saying that he gets calls all the time about removing rattlesnakes from people’s homes after they’ve accidentally walked inside.


Pets that Have Run Away

“Snakes like this are extremely rare because they are found only in Asia’s Vietnam Blue Beauty Rat Snake. So it was a pet that had escaped from its owner’s care! “he informed me.

Trejo appears to be wrestling with the enormous snake in a video shared on his Instagram feed.

Immediately upon starting filming, Trejo shows the camera exactly where the snake had been hiding on the couch corner.

Trejo is heard saying, “You won’t believe what snake this is, this is totally insane,” during the clip. ‘I can’t believe this snake is living in my house,’ I exclaimed.


Ahead of Trejo, the snake’s head can be seen cocked towards him as he takes it from the couch and grips its tail.


Trejo tells the camera, “I don’t even know what to do right now.”

The snake lunges at Trejo as he tries to move the snake’s head gently, interrupting the snake catcher’s conversation.

The snake’s bite is extremely painful, despite the fact that it is not poisonous. Trejo’s T-shirt was snagged by the creature, but he was unharmed.


As he points out to the camera: “Look how enormous this snake is, people.” When the snake gets agitated, you can clearly see it opening its jaws. I don’t know how it came inside the house.


When asked about the snake’s origins, the snake catcher admits he has “no clue,” as it is not endemic to the state.



Trejo discovered that the snake had an upper respiratory infection after it was rescued. Because it was outside of a controlled setting and in a different climate, this was most likely the cause of it


Trejo told KGTV that one of his friends, who is an expert in treating exotic animals, is currently caring for the animal.


In an interview with KGTV, he said, “We truly are keeping our fingers crossed that the snake makes it.”


After the snake catcher pulled it from the couch, the snake appeared disturbed.

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