A worker fell from the scaffolding of the UWS building, killing himself

On Monday, authorities reported the death of a construction worker who fell 15 stories at a building on the Upper West Side.

This occurred at approximately 11:25 AM on West End Avenue, close to 72nd Street.

Ryan Deagan, a spokesman for the Buildings Department, said that the worker fell off the 15th floor when he was securing netting around a supported scaffold.

Authorities say the worker, who was protected by his gear, was pronounced dead at the scene. No one knows who he is yet.

According to the Department of Buildings, inspectors are currently on-site investigating the deadly fall in order to determine whether or not “any corners were cut.”

The apartment building has netting all the way up to the fifteenth floor, but there is a rip in it.

Spokesmen for the Fire Department of New York and the New York City Department of Buildings said the tragedy occurred at 11:30 a.m. at a 23-story building on West End Avenue in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

A spokesman from the DOB stated that the worker had been installing netting around a support scaffold on the fifteenth floor when the incident occurred.

The official said the building’s owners had valid licences to renovate the building’s facade. As of right now, there is an investigation being conducted.

Source: Newsbreak

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